Furtados School of Music

Furtados School of Music

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Think Music, Think Furtados

Think Learning Music, Think Furtados School of Music

Established in 1865, Furtados Music is the leading name in Mumbai’s music history and in modern times, India’s music scene. From the import of quality instruments and accessories to supporting platforms for musicians, brand Furtados strives to continue raising standards of music activity all over the country. Pioneering in innovative and revolutionary methods of teaching and learning music and setting a new benchmark for music education in India, Furtados proudly presents Furtados School of Music (FSM).

Founded in July 2011 in Mumbai, FSM has grown today in terms of number of centres, schools that FSM works with, quality of programmes and size of faculty. And it continues to grow, furthuring the cause of music and paving the way for a bright and successful future for its students.

FSM is headed by its co-founders, Mrs Dharini Upadhyaya and Mrs Tanuja Gomes who both come with an experience of 15 years in multinational Banking. They were independently heading and managing businesses in their respective organisations. As stake holders and co-founders, they will be responsible for building world class music schools across the country.The Furtados School of Music launched its first school in South Mumbai in July 2011. Today FSM has 8 centres across the city with more than 1500 students learning Piano, Drums, Guitar and Singing. Music is fun and gratifying and the Vision of FSM is to spread quality music education across the country and ensure the joy of learning music is easily accessible to all by opening schools across the country

Furtados School of Music offers a variety of programmes for different age groups and level of musical knowledge.

The benefits that playing and learning music can have on a child’s growth and development are immeasurable.


We provide children from age 4 onwards an unique opportunity to start learning the language of music and, in particular, the piano. This revolutionary and award-winning curriculum is an exciting, effective and modern method for children to learn the piano. Using animation creatively, the program incorporates a “teach, practice, apply” methodology and ensures children take part in engaging lessons, activities and games making the entire learning experience an exhilarating musical journey. Throughout this journey, and with our international curriculum, children will gain competence in playing the piano which will be demonstrated through recitals and internal certification. If the student wishes they can also be prepared for external international examinations.

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Drums & Guitar

Our Drums and Guitar curriculum has been designed by Mr.Rowan Parker, who was an Examiner with Rock School and has also designed curriculums for Yamaha School of Music, London.

Parent Toddler Music Learning Programme in association with MusikGarten, USA

Features about this school:

– An organised piano learning curriculum offered to children from age 4 onwards in India.

– In every class, in addition to learning Piano, each child is exposed to the Kodaly method of learning music. This includes lots of singing, movement and using various percussion instruments

– The entire curriculum ensures children take part in engaging lessons, activities and games, making the entire learning experience an exhilarating musical journey.

– The Drums and Guitar students after one semester, can come together and jam and create music together.


Furtados School of Music

23, Fern Villa, Next to Quantum Park Bldg,

52 Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai -48

Contact no. +19 22 65581212 / 65581515 / 9820953536

Email: fsm.bandra@gmail.com

Email: admissions@furtados.in

Website: https://www.fsm.net.in

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/furtadosschoolofmusic


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