Home NEWS A garbage dumping ground near Gen. A. K. Vaidya Garden at Reclamation.

A garbage dumping ground near Gen. A. K. Vaidya Garden at Reclamation.

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The garbage dump has come back again! A day before, I reported a dirty foul smelling garbage pileup near the Gen A. K. Vaidya Garden, bandra Reclamation. It was cleaned up by a B.M.C Earth mover on the same day. And Today the garbage dump and the filth from the gutters has come back again adding to the woes of the residents of Al Hilal, Sagar Tarang and other housing societies of Gen A. K. Vaidya Nagar.

We want this place free of this garbage. The nearby transit camps do not have a proper B.M.C garbage bin installed and hence they dump all the waste over here. What kind of impact it would have on young children who play in the garden nearby or senior citizens who are forced to pass by this dump when they go for a morning walk. I have seen crows hovering all over scattering dirty titbits of rotting food, mosquitoes creating havoc in the evening and all kinds of dangerous insects harbouring all kinds of germs. This situation seems to be worsening with more dumping from nearby areas. Its nothing short of being  a breeding ground for disease and epidemics. What are the aurhorities waiting for? What can be done to permanently uproot this nuisance from its roots? This has been going on since 2013 and not much has been done. We submitted two complaint letters to B.M.C H Ward office but they seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

We want a permanent solution to this menace. I really hope bandra info will help us spread awareness and take ahead the Cleanliness campaign that was started by our P.M, Shri. Narendra Modi. If Charity begins at home, why not cleanliness too? I have lived in bandra ever since my birth and witnessed the deterioration of Bandra Reclamation from being a green zone to a rubble zone. Roads are dug up everywhere.. esp Chapel Road which is so often used by Hill Road commuters to reach Bandra Reclamation. Rubble strewn everywhere, along pavements and by-lanes…is this the same queen? The queen seems to have been dethroned and unscrupulous people have taken up the reins of this beautiful place.
I want Bandra to be restored to its former glory. Please help us clean this mess.

Thank you for hearkening us.




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