Gogola set its first retail outlet at Bandra.

Gogola set its first retail outlet at Bandra.


THIS STREET-SIDE ‘Chuski’ or ‘Gola’ is now available in bandra in a healthier and more upmarket version — it would be made from mineral water ice and natural fruit syrups. Mumbai based Go Gola has gone innovative and branded this traditional ice-candy in its hygienic avatar. Gola is made of crushed ice, which is clumped together in the form of a lolly. It is called Chuski in the north.

According to Sachin Jain, managing director of Go Gola, though most people, in their childhood days, have tasted the gola and loved it, they are reluctant to let their own kids try it out at the street side vendors mainly due to the hygiene factor.  [quote]“Most people are apprehensive about the gola ice being made of impure water. Also, there are synthetic raw materials in the syrup used in the gola. The unhygienic handling and ambience of the hawkers also makes them sceptical,”[/quote]

Go Gola has introduced distinct flavours, such as the Mumbai Masala Soda, Kool Kokum, Blue Lagoon, Krazy Kairi Ri, Peru Shheru, Peachon da Beach, Bas jus Khus, Anari Anar, Moulin Roze and Ossam Orange.


Address :

Junction of 16th Road and 30th Road,

Opp Kilash Parbhat


Website : https://gogolaindia.com/


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