Grecko - The new greek joint - Reviewed by Midday.

Grecko - The new greek joint - Reviewed by Midday.


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Nothing could be more jarring than a warmly decorated Greek cuisine takeaway joint, bearing an aquamarine palette, located in the midst of booming speakers and neon lights belonging to impertinent cars zooming around. Welcome to Carter Road! So, any evocations to the Mediterranean or the like were far from our mind. Instead, a snack for the stroll was how this newbie lured us to it on its very first day.

Food: Fresh
Service: Attentive
AmbiAnce: Buzzing

The Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad will leave you delighted with its combination of flavours and textures

Stepping inside, we already saw a bustling place with many people placing their orders consisting mostly of gyros. Fresh, clean and hygienic, the place invites many to enjoy the cool interiors while gazing at the freshest chopped vegetables — tomatoes, lettuce, rocket salad leaves, crunchy onions and much more — in its league of joints in the city.

The Beef Moussaka was a leisurely bite packed with a herb-ey taste

The first time we brisked in, owing to previous experiences, our first inquiry was about the mode of payment. The woman at the counter said cash for now, which made us scuttle to the adjacent ATM to avoid a cash-less encounter. Greeted again with a warm smile, we called out for the buzzing Gyro, the Chicken and Bacon type (Rs 180) while we sated our curiosity to dip our beaks into Tenderloin Moussaka (Rs 270), a Watermelon and Feta Salad (Rs 170), a trio of dips with Pita bread (Rs 110) and Falafels with Tahini dip (Rs 99).

We ambled around for a good 15 minutes or so and whiled away our time by observing the busy owners who were themselves doling out the chomp. Unfortunately, the place still had no takeaway menu, but we dug the clean packing in an attractive paper bag that was all foil and microwave-ready boxes.

After the lapse of half an hour, we tucked into the moussaka first, for we were super-hungry and yearning for a filling chow. Subtly flavoured where each component of the moussaka — tenderloin, aubergines, potatoes and the béchamel cheese on top — complemented each other. The herb-ey exuberance surely deserved a tick. Next on the charts was the Chicken and Bacon Gyro that again was a luscious bite but lacked the punch and collectiveness of the moussaka.

Call us the fast food generation but limp, cold and ill-seasoned fries always give us a bellyache that happened to be a recurrent feature in the gyro and falafels. The salad can prove to be quite a jack in the box for some as this not-so-common combination eases the tongue into a hearty, salty juiciness crunched up with the nuttiness of the pine nuts. A tossing of black olives and onions into the medley could enhance the salad.

The falafels, also soggy, still retained their coarse texture engaging us into an approval. The pita was light but the dips — Hummus, Tahini and Tzatziki — could have been more varied in terms of their flavour and consistency. With some desserts, upped flavour and a more combed out approach; this joint could be the next crowd magnet on this mad junction.

[box]At: Greko, ground floor, Gagangiri Building, Carter Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 9870505737
Greko didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. [/box]