Guide to Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra

Guide to Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra

We love conversations and updates about our celebrities. It is like a one way friendship we have fostered with the famed individual. Courtesy of the lavish amount of information floating on mainline media surrounding their personal lives, professional choices and hobbies. We speak of them as acquaintances. Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra are great destination landmarks & hangouts purely for their stunning location.

For eager Bollywood fans, Bandra Info decodes Bollywood Celebrity homes in Bandra, so the next time you’re around, plan that delightful detour for a sneak peak.

We address the ever increasing curiosity among fans to know everything about their favorite actor. The likability for somebody is purely based on film characters, interviews, quotes and wit. Largely it is their film star aura, histrionics and public image which creates the impact. To be in the know, we bring to you addresses of some iconic Bollywood Celebrity homes in Bandra in a bid to reveal their lifestyle.

Bandra is home to many extraordinary film and TV celebs. You may find yourself sipping coffee next to an A-list celebrity, bump into them at a 5 star property or catch them jogging/running at Carter Road & Bandstand. Their idea of a typical ‘hangout’ is very similar to ours. Bandra is thus extremely flamboyant resonating its vibe with its natives. Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra stand out as famous landmarks and rightfully so!

As huge fans of the film industry and the its significant contributors, we bring to you the addresses of the most noted celebrities along with interesting tidbits. Here’s your complete guide to Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra for whenever you pass by the location, you can show off your filmy IQ.

Mannat, Bandra Bandstand. Image via

1. Mannat | Shahrukh Khan’s Iconic Mansion at Bandstand

A desire manifested by King Khan and made possible with decades of brilliant work in the films. Mannat is the physical counterpart to Shahrukh Khan’s magnanimous persona. He earlier lived in a humble residential building bang opposite Carter Road’s CCD and later moved to this stunning palatial house.

Shahrukh Khan has built a six storey building behind Mannat for official and luxury purposes where he is often seen hosting guests and conducting official meets. The actor is a voracious reader, gamer, film lover and has allotted space to indulge in the same.

The actor lives with his children, sibling and wife.

Insider Update – SRK wished to name his abode ‘Jannat’, he spiraled to the top of his career when he bought this house and all his wishes manifested, he hence renamed it ‘Mannat’

Special time to visit – Shahrukh Khan’s Birthday (2nd November) witnesses a huge gathering of fans on the premises of Mannat. The actor is even seen waving back at his fans on this special day.

Galaxy Apartments
Galaxy Apartments, Bandra Bandstand via

2. Galaxy Apartments | Salman Khan’s residence at Bandstand

The mega movie star Salman Khan may enjoy supreme star appeal given the roaring box office numbers and maximum 100+ crore films, a full blown television career, and several businesses as producer and humanitarian, yet is a simpleton at heart.

Salman Khan stays with his parents in their humble abode Galaxy Apartments located at the beginning of Bandstand. His parents Salim Khan and Salma Khan occupy the first floor of the high rise and the superstar resides on the ground floor.

His apartment is known to have basic interiors and amenities . His bedroom is a mere 170 sq ft, a bathroom, open kitchen and an ‘L’ shaped living room. Yet the movie star is insistent upon retaining this lifestyle, he once said,

“I love staying at my flat in Bandra over a big, luxurious bungalow because my parents live in the flat above mine. Ever since I was a child I have taken the same left turn or right turn and I would not have it any other way.”

Salman is known to be extremely close to his parents and takes his siblings as friends.

Special time to visit – Eid, Ganesh Chaturti Aarti to catch a glimpse of Bollywood Celebrities and of course Salman Khan’s birthday ( 27th December)

Fortune Heights
Fortune Heights, Off Turner Road. Image via

3. Fortune Heights | Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Residence at Turner Road

Kareena and Saif are often seen strolling the streets of Bandra with their little one. The paparazzi machinery is crazy about this particular family as they consistently provide gym looks, preschool videos of Taimur and glimpses of the couple’s hangouts.

Kareena and Saif do not shy away from sharing tidbits about their personal life. When in Bandra, check out their prominent abode

Anand Apartments
Anand Apartments, Bandra. Image via

4. Anand | Vidya Balan’s Residence in Turner Road, Bandra

Vidya Balan stood out as the eldest sister in Hum Paanch, where she led the hilarious sibling gang. She further sustained her entertainment career with TV commercials, until her big bollywood break came along with ‘Parineeta’

Vidya comes from the humble eastern suburbs of Chembur and would often go on to the other side of town for TV and ad auditions.

Love bloomed on the sets of ‘No One Killed Jessica’ with former UTV Head and producer Siddharth Roy Kapur. The couple now reside in a posh high rise called ‘Anand’ in Bandra. It is believed they even took the wedding vows at their residence

5. Guldev Sagar | Katrina Kaif’s Residence at Waterfield Road, Bandra

Katrina adds much charm to the Bollywood brigade in Bandra. It is believed she went house hunting with Salman Khan and zeroed in on a plush building at Waterfield road. She owns the top floor of the high rise and has done it up rather tastefully.

She later moved onto another rented apartment at Carter Road with former beau Ranbir Kapoor popularly known as their love nest. She’s a favorite with the shutterbug community and is spotted regularly in her famous gym and airport looks.

6. Freeda Apartments | Aamir Khan’s Residence off Carter Road

As a chance opportunity, Aamir Khan moved to Freeda Apartments on rent while his Pali Hill home was being renovated. Months later he went on to buy the sea facing plush apartment.

The superstar enjoyed his new 5000 sq ft apartment that it led to an impulsive purchase. He paid a whopping 60 crore for its ownership. He earlier paid a fat rent of INR 10 lakh per month until he had a change of heart.

Insider News – The reason for several Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra is probably due to its central location, scenic sea views, popular joints and proximity to the airport. Celebrities seem to like the vibe of Bandra and some have even lived here for most part of their lives.

7. Chand Terraces | Arjun Rampal’s Residence at Hill Road

Arjun Rampal resides in the posh locale of Hill Road right opposite Holy Family Hospital. The actor owns a plush 5300 sq ft penthouse which he occupies with his daughters.

Rampal earlier lived in Continental Tower at Rizvi Complex. The actor was quite popular in the early 2000s, as a leading man and model. He barely speaks of his personal life and is presently seen in very few films

8. Vipassana | Farhan Akhtar’s Bungalow at Bandstand

In the popular superstar neighborhood, Farhan Akhtar occupies a lavish 10,000 sq ft space at Bandstand. The actor intentionally brought the property to relive and retain his childhood.

Interesting fact – Farhan Akhtar’s childhood home was located right opposite veteran actor Rekha’s bungalow. The actress would often take their pictures at play and send it out later.

9. Imperial Heights | Sanjay Dutt’s Residence at Pali Hill

Sanjay Dutt’s bungalow in Pali Hill was redeveloped into a multi-storey residential complex. Unlike stars who prefer the top floor of high rises, Sanjay Dutt lives on the ground floor apartment with his wife Maanyata and twins Shahran and Iqra.

The actor has been born and brought in the popular celebrity neighborhood. The actor is fortunate to live at Nargis Dutt road, named after his beloved mother.

10. Vaastu | Ranbir Kapoor’s residence at Pali Hill

Ranbir Kapoor is a typical Bandra boy. The actor has multiple properties in the posh locale.

A family home which is now redeveloped into a building, a bachelor pad ‘Vaastu’ in Bandra and several other offices and properties in the city.

Interesting fact – Ranbir Kapoor wishes to get married soon and unlike his parents who had a troubled marriage which in turn badly influenced his childhood, Ranbir wishes to mend and carefully nurture his marital life.

The next trip to Bandra will surely be exciting as you’re equipped on the addresses of so many film stars. Bandra Info team is a true lover of the movies and happily accumulated the list and inside information of Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra.

Bollywood Celebrity Homes in Bandra are even landmarks to locals. Their address are used in common parlance. Tag friends and let them know.