Guilt Trip.

Guilt Trip.

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Started 1 and a half year ago. After having established a successful brand in the same sector under a partnership, the need was felt to venture out on its own and Guilt Trip was launched.

Started by a housewife and an avid baker; Nov 2012 is the date, boasts of a highly skilled team of chefs; known for innovative recipes and offerings. Giving the best quality of work as well as maintaing high standards of taste at a very competitive price. Another point is the variety we offer which you have mentioned, but not just in terms of colors and decoration but going into the foundation and giving a variety of cupcake bases itself. So, if there are 6-7 flavors of chocolate cupcakes, each flavor has not only a distinctive frosting but a distinctive base as well. USP is our designer cakes, cupcakes, macarons and cake pops.

Tabassum Hasan – Avid baker and Housewife – wanted to do something of her own – co founded one of the most successful brands in the bakery business under a  partnership then moved onto start a venture of her own – Went to singapore to do a course especially for macarons which is the touted as the next big thing. Apart from le patisserie, no other good macaron place so felt the need to offer that and they have been a big hit.

Sheeba Hasan – MBA in Marketing – Quit 3 jobs in 2 months – wanted to be an entrepreneur – Parents supported – Again found a successful brand in the bakery business in a partnership – then went out to start guilt trip with mom. Never taken any professional training but now looks into the designing bit of the business .

3Name of brand – Guilt Trip

Address – Shop A&B, 15-A Union Park, Near Shatranj Hotel, Next to Baskin Robbins, Off Carter Road, Khar West, Mumbai – 52

Timings – 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Days open – All Days

Contact number – 022-69996096 / 022-26488210 / 9920491203

Home delivery – All over Mumbai, Delivery charges applicable.