Hakim's Aalim Salon and Tattoo Lounge

Hakim's Aalim Salon and Tattoo Lounge

Hakim’s Aalim Salons are carefully designed around the days of bohemian and echoing the freshness of a free style. Step into a world of individuality and take in the chilled out vibe of grunge-styled interior interspersed with modern luxury. Self indulgence has never been easier!

Hakim’s Aalim is passionately absorbed in the art of creating perfect hairstyle and its power to transform the way we look. A minimalist space for men and women to escape the rush of city life – Hakim’s Aalim Salons leave its guests feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated with its chic, yet unpretentious vibe.

Aalim Hakim:

Aalim Hakim, India’s iconic hairstylist, is the personification of natural flair & magnetic charisma coupled with an inborn talent in the field of hairdressing.

With a soaring career graph which is a testament to his exceptional skills, Aalim gained recognition for his talent and his modernism. Having trained under his father Mr. Hakim Kairanvi, India’s first celebrity hairdresser who styled for the likes of Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna and many Hollywood heavyweights like Bruce Lee, Richard Harris, Crazy Boys and Tony Greig to name a few, Aalim picked up the reins of hairstyling at the age of 16.

Standing tall at the peak of his career today, Aalim has salons across the globe, in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Dubai by the name of Hakim’s Aalim Hair n’Tattoo Lounge. His salons are the most hip, swanky and artistic salons in the country with a tattoo booth in every salon and a live DJ spinning cool music all day to keep his guests entertained.

Aalim has acquired international hairdressing education that took him globetrotting to diverse places across the world. With his never-ending passion for hairdressing, Aalim’s dream is to take hairdressing in India to a different level altogether. He has the most technically sound hairdressing academy in India, for the knowledge seeking young generation, who has as much passion as him for the craft of hairdressing.

He believes he can create such passion for hairdressing through top quality training that he endeavors to provide through his academy. He wants to create an army of talented hairdressers in India who can perform in international platforms and fulfill his vision to see India become the Mecca of artistic hairdressing.

Hakim’s Salon

Our top hair colourists and stylists are behind the amazing transformations which are seen on various TV shows, blockbuster movies and music videos. Creative excellence and unparalleled hospitality are the driving forces behind that experience. Hakim’s Aalim Salons have become one of the most talked about image-makeover salons in India and Dubai. From the latest trends to cutting-edge technology, we offer everything you need for the ultimate salon experience.

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From the moment you walk into Hakim’s Aalim Hair Lounge you gets transported into a new world- a world of calm and serene. the natural elements, wood, water and stone enshrine the entire Lounge transporting you immediately into a totally different reality. A statue of Buddha’s busts, calming music and the natural elements, wood, water and stone that enshrine the entire Lounge all add a touch of the Buddha Bar feel and help achieve a tranquil ambience.

You can sit back relax and enjoy your hair cut, colour, relaxing, rebounding, perming, spa, manicure, pedicure or head massage while grooving to the beats of our very own in house DJ or watching your favorite programme on your personal mini screen. You could flip through a magazine and sip on our delicious mock tails!

Our warm and friendly staff and stylists will pamper you and go out of their way ensure that each client leaves feeling happy and satisfied with their experience. Every client who enters the lounge is offered a free consultation with a stylist who make suggestions to them with the help of magazines and references enabling them to find the look and style that suits them. Only after ensuring that the client is completely satisfied with the recommendation would the stylist take them in for the cut.

Our highly trained, expert stylists and colourists work with you to achieve your personal best. Ongoing education and freedom to experiment produce exciting new techniques which have enjoyed national recognition in top magazines.

The Hakim’s Aalim styling team works at mastering precision technique forms. We firmly believe that the foundation is the principal element of a stylist’s craft, confidence and creativity. Our stylists are among the most highly trained and educated technicians in the industry.

Our main principle that the client comes FIRST  helps us gain customer loyalty which is achieved by making each and every customer feel that they are the most important. Only once a customer is made to feels at home and comfortable would they develop a bond and remain loyal to us.

We at Hakim’s Aalim also have a loyalty programme, where clients can become members at a nominal fee and avail of great discounts and offers.

hakim 2HA Tattoo Booth:

If you prefer expressing your attitude through tattoos, we have a state-of-the-art tattoo booth, where you can creatively ink your feelings in style.

Our artists are highly trained professionals who practice and maintain high standards of hygiene and take extreme care to ensure that your tattooing experience is a pleasant one.

Before they start inking, they discuss your desires and even introduce you to our amazing tattoo gallery to help you make the right choice. Also, they arm you with the right information to ensure that you take good care of your tattoo and cherish it long after the experience is over.

So, whether you’re seeking a permanent or a temporary tattoo, whether you prefer piercing or accessories, our Tattoo Booth is the ultimate destination for you.

Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy :

Today hairdressing is one of the top industries in the world. In the fashion industry, hairdressing opportunities are growing at a fast pace along with beauty in the film & television industry, fashion houses, magazines, photo studios, etc.

Hakim’s Aalim is responsible for creating trendiest hairstyles for the fashion progressive people. From styling and coloring to proper hair care, here you will be trained in everything that you need to understand for styling with perfection.

At Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy, you not only become an artist in hair, but you become an all-rounder fashionista. While you are with us, you will get an opportunity to imbibe the best of Hakim Aalim techniques & outstanding craft. By the time you have completed the course, you instinctively become a stylist who is versatile and technically-sound. You would be able to cover all the fashion moods with very subtle tricks which you hone during your professional training.

Hairstyling is an art and a good hairstylist is always a very valuable commodity. In the hairdressing industry, the opportunity for growth and personal development is part of the profession. Hairdressing is a career which allows you to showcase your creativity, to have fun, to earn a name, fame and good money. Great opportunity for growth will come to you through your work and also the opportunity to meet new people and always learn something new.

So if you enjoy working with people, like to use your creative abilities, have interest in fashion & art and enjoy a sense of achievement in your work, then a career in hairdressing is waiting for you.

Hakim’s Aalim Hair Academy can help you get your career started in hairdressing.


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Golf Link Road,

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Bandra (West),

Mumbai – 400052

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