Hakkasan Mumbai

Hakkasan Mumbai

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Hakkasan Mumbai opened in June 2011 in fashionable Bandra, and has since then become one of the hottest dining destinations in the city.

Hakkasan has a unique combination of glamour and elegance, contemporary yet traditional food, modern yet ethnic decor, a nightclub ambience and superlative food and service.

Designers Gilles & Boissier combined Hakkasan’s signature design elements – such as dark-stained English oak screens and latticing – with a stunning, back-lit blue glass that surrounds the restaurant’s perimeter, creating a breath-taking and contemporary space. A 16-metre bar, a melange of blue glass and stainless steel, and the open-plan kitchen add to the restaurant’s sense of theatre. Serving an extensive range of vegetarian dishes alongside Hakkasan signature dishes, the restaurant accommodates 120 guests, which includes a private dining area and the 44-seat Ling Ling lounge.

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Hakkasan’s appeal doesn’t just rest with its food. Even before you enter the restaurant, your sensory journey begins as you step into a splash of blue glass and intricately patterned screens. Washed in delicate shades of blue, each dining table is lit with an individual light. The signature design element of the cages provides a subtle sense of privacy and allows for an ambience that ensures unassuming yet attentive service.

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Acknowledging traditions of the past, Hakkasan has interpreted them for today’s discerning patron. The chefs at Hakkasan have taken recipes from different regions of China, and in true Cantonese tradition, reinterpreted them with a contemporary flair. The cooking methods are true to thousands of years of Chinese tradition, yet the flavours are quintessentially twenty first century – modern, subtle and thrilling.


Hakkasan Mumbai


Waterfield Road


Mumbai – 400050

Ph: +91 22 2644 4444/2644 4445

Email: reservations.mumbai@hakkasanindia.com

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/HakkasanMumbai

Website: https://hakkasan.com/mumbai


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