Heal with Seven is a well established therapy and wellness practise in Bandra, run by Priyanka Bakhru Talwar.  The underlying philosophy is to help people find their authentic selves and to that end, all their counselling and therapy services are aimed at uncovering harmful patterns, mapping out sabotage points and identifying unhealthy beliefs. The success stories range from career breakthroughs, physical health improvement, weight loss all the way to relationship and parenting resolutions. Priyanka has developed the Surround Healing System, which combines psychotherapy, neuro lingual programming & counselling during her intense, 1-hour sessions with meditation tips, crystal & colour healing, switchwords & visualisations as self-healing practices. Invited to write for various publications as an expert on mindful parenting and holistic health, Priyanka has been featured on NDTV and has received awards for clinical therapy.

Heal with Seven believes that therapy and introspection isn’t just for people with serious problems, but that everyone should, at some point in their lives, take the time to understand themselves better and go deeper within. ‘Therapy is a kind of spring cleaning and decluttering, to be able to listen to yourself and your inner truth better’, is Bakhru Talwar’s approach to wellness.

To fix an appointment for a consultation, contact [email protected]; 9820264779 or check out https://www.facebook.com/healwithseven/