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Seven is a holistic healing centre started by Priyanka Bakhru Talwar & Darpan Kaur Rajwal. It combines various healing techniques – metaphysical, energy and cognitive – to heal the mind, body and soul. The modalities are fluid and seamlessly integrated. We practice hypnotherapy, chakra healing, past life regression, meditation, crystal therapy, counseling and reiki. We combine all of this with a healthy dose of common sense and reality.

At Seven, our aim is to help you understand the ‘why’ to your questions; to guide you towards conscious awareness and the ability to direct your life – towards peace, joy, harmony and abundance.

Alternative healing, as the popular term goes, is either a last-resort sort of thing; or viewed through the filter of media hype. All it really is, a science that believes in the power of your mind, the power of goodness and the power of joyful, positive thought. It can be as logical, practical or magical as you choose to see it. We simply recommend that you ask us questions and give understanding a shot – then sit back and watch the magic unfold!

Magic number seven – found in nature, in sacred geometry, in fables, in myths, in spirituality, in religion, in mathematics – the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven chakras of the human being, seven days of the week, the seven seas, the seven wonders of the world, the seven pillars of wisdom, snow white and the seven dwarves – the list is endless. Numerologists see seven as the sum of the spiritual three and the material four, signifying creation. The Old Testament tells us that the world was created in seven days. The ancient Indian text Rigveda talks of seven stars and seven streams of soma (the drink of the gods).’ Indra, the rain god, is “the seven-slayer,” the ocean has seven depths, and there are seven concentric continents. Spiritually, seven is the number for completion and perfection. Early astronomers studied the mysteries of the universe in conjunction with the seven celestial planets.

Considered a number inherent in the cosmic building blocks of the world, the meaning of seven reminds us that there is symmetry, reason, and order within the structure of the Universe. And so we pay homage to the number that is both scientific and spiritual, a number that makes us constantly seek and occasionally triumph, and helps us see the dwarves clearly.

Our core philosophy is that we are the creators of our own universe. We are the manifestors of our reality. To change anything outside we need to look within and as we change, the world around us changes.


seven logoMarian House

29th Rd,

Khar West,

Mumbai, MH 400050

Phone: 098 33 327167

Email: Healwithseven@gmail.com

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/healwithseven


Source for content and images: Facebook page


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