Hill Road Cleaners

Hill Road Cleaners

hill roadHill Road Cleaners offers Professional Dry Cleaning, Wetcleaning and Laundry services in Bandra West, Mumbai India. The business has been in existence at the present location since 1961 focusing on offering the very best valued dry cleaning in the area. A strong commitment to quality has helped to grow Hill Road Cleaners into one of Mumbai’s better dry cleaning operations.

Services offered:

Dry cleaning

hill road laundryWetcleaning


Upholstery & Carpet Care

Leather Care

Dry cleaning: We dry clean your garments in a mild petroleum solvent that will not harm or dissolve your delicate garments, bead work or any other dry cleaningplastic trims. Delicates are treated seperately. To minimize mechanical stress on your delicate garments they are buffered within soft towels and placed in a net bag.

We use specialized dry cleaning detergents that are very good at removing water based soiling while also softening your garments.

Wetcleaning is a professional, water based, nontoxic and environmentally friendly garment cleaning process. Unlike conventional dry cleaning, which uses chemical solvents, wetcleaning technologies are water-based and uses specialized washers, dryers, steam pressing equipment and detergents. Some garments are even processed individually by hand. Successful wetcleaning depends on the experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and proper ways to clean and finish garments.

Professional Laundry involves using softened water as a first step. We use an industral grade detergent with an optimum mix of surfactants, alkaline builders and enzymes. We also incorporate an oxygen color safe bleach in the wash cycle making the entire wash process effective but gentle on your garments. We finally sour the load to remove any residual alkalinity which may cause skin allergies.

We launder home laundry like bedsheets, towels, pillow slips, quilts/comforters etc. We also service company guest houses and small hotels.


Pick up and delivery in Bandra West area |Same-Day service available

Call 26458646 or 992 0373306

Johar Mansion,

23 Hill Road,

Hill Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai 400 050

Landmark:  Opposite Mehboob Studio


Website: https://hillroadcleaners.com


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