Himalayan Singing bowl meditation, for the first time in Mumbai.

Himalayan Singing bowl meditation, for the first time in Mumbai.


This is an ancient technique common to the entire Himalayan belt and South eastern culture (including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal though the material used in the bowls, and the techniques, may vary). Today however it is more commonly referred to as the Tibetan singing bowl meditation. It is an ancient tribal healing method, but is now ascribed to Buddhism since it has been fervently adopted by the latter and thrives in these cultures where it is prominent.

It is actually a sound massage, using the overtones (beyond the dominant note) of each bowl. These overtones, though bypassed by the rational mind, is “caught” by the subconscious which is more fine-tuned such subtle experiences. It induces a deep trance state, where the Beta electrical wave pattern (normal to the waking mind) shifts into the meditative Alpha mode (second stage of brain wave pattern where the mind is both rested and alert). It is an exciting way to shut down the reticulating activating system of the brain(which creates the inner static and chatter of the mind, linked to stress) and heal us by inducing a deep relaxation. Those who have experienced are wowed by the fact that without any contact of hands, and purely through the overtone sounds induced by the struck bowls, a relaxation that is very deep, akin to that of any massage, is experienced. In the style I have trained in,  seven bowls are used (aligned with the seven chakras — which may be comparable to the endocrine map of the body). Each bowl is picked because it has a dominantmusical note (as in the western/Indian classical musical scale). This note can be gauged by any electronic tuner. This method is for an individual. Another technique which is used for group meditation involves stroking the bowl to evoke a sound that is referred lovingly by Tibetan monks as the sound of the “void” or a prolonged Om.

bowlstrikeABOUT MY CONNECTION TO IT: I trained with the internationally renowned Shree Krishna Shahi, of Kathmandu, after visiting the Nepalese capital for this sole purpose last year. I am trained and certified by him to use a specially selected set of bowls to initiate this meditative and healing experience. Though singing bowls are common, those used in such therapies are different because they are said to be created through the right amalgamation of seven metals.

IMG_4341Cost of bowl meditation sessions:

Rs 750  per 30-minute session.

Rs 500 per person,for a group meditation of half hour duration, for four individuals in each session.

By prior appointment.

Timings: All days, including Sundays 10 to 11 am, 4- 6 pm.

Where at Yoga Kuteer, Bandra (detailed directions/address below)

 Please do revert to the details given below:

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Ph. 983310909/ 9820540891 :

Yoga Kuteer by Shameeem,

503, Makani Center,

35th Road, Off Linking Road,

near OR.g  pub (same side), a few plots off  Zerris shop (Makhija Mall) and a new construction site.

Pinkish Brown building. iT IS diagonally opp Pizzaroma.

Off KFC, diagonally opposite, by foot, you enter the lane where Hotel Linkway is (No entry for vehicles) and walk a bit till you pass Org and Makhija mall.  Also HP gas building. Plus corner is the Hotel Linkway and Drappe Shoppe.