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Hometown Cafe

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Home away from Home

An interesting fusion of a European ambiance and Malaysian fare, Hometown Cafe is a cosy restaurant that doubles up as a contemporary coffee shop. Whether its meeting friends, a special date, a private family time or just a gathering of corporates – Hometown Cafe’s atmosphere is suited to all moods, occasions and tastes.

The menu offers Malaysian preparations with a bit of tasty Chinese, and a variety of light continental fare. Cooked in an authentic fish-based ‘Sambal sauce’ and coconut gravy, the rustic Malaysian touch in each dish brings out the exoticness of each ingredient. Honey Lamb Chops, prawn Mee, Curry Laksa Special, Nasi Lemak and a number of vegan items like Mee Goreng, Paneer in Veg Malaysian sauce are among the culinary delights.

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Accompany your meal with hot & cold beverages, Jasmine and Chinese Tea or Soya-milk based Malaysian Drinks. Our in-house desserts like Mango Pudding with Soya Milk, Summer Breezer Coconut Jelly are for those who like to experiment with something sweet and different. For foodies who are watching their diet, Hometown Cafe also includes ‘healthy bites’ amongst its offerings. Snack on items like Roast Turkey Sandwich, Veggie Salads, and Seasonal fresh juices which promise ample taste and nutrition.

Hometown Cafe also plays host to small private parties with 25-30 guests during afternoons. A four-course fixed menu along with a private space is arranged by the staff so you can celebrate your special day in comfort and style. A place frequented by families, teens, young adults and even the aged, Hometown Cafe serves with care and attention that ensures each guest feels like he’s dining at a home away from home.


155, Waterfield Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Tel: 91-22-4263 6000-99

Hours of operation: Noon to Midnight

Happy Hours: Noon to Midnight (Monday – Thursday on select domestic alcohol)

Food Discount: 4-7 p.m. (30% discount on select food items all days of the week)

Website: https://www.chinagategroup.com/brand_hometown.html

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/pages/Hown-Town-cafe/174470136022234


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