How a simple grill fence undoes the lover's lane for Andreans

How a simple grill fence undoes the lover's lane for Andreans

As I was walking down today from Perry road and took the St Cyril road, I came across what looked like lost in the time old bungalow at St Anthony’s road, the bungalow which would be a wonderful place for time travel enthusiasts to explore. It’s a timeless beauty telling all the stories if you can stop to listen.

The bungalow, (sorry didn’t get the name) photo I posted on Instagram drew a few interesting comments and a back story.

It happens the wall had no grill earlier, and Andrean couples (St Andrews college students) would come straight out of college to sit there for some canoodling and petting, hence the lane got the reputation as lover’s lane. The lane is still beautiful though.

Incidentally Aunty Enid who got tired to hosting the love birds on her wall decided she had enough and put up a grill. The seating space gone, the lover’s lane lost its patronage and now the memory of its past reputation only exists in the memory of old-time residents living in that area and Andrean couples who passed out way back.

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