How do Bandra Gyms Compare?

How do Bandra Gyms Compare?

Weight lifting and Cardio exercises dont appeal to me now, I am not over weight at all, and dont crave for a muscular body. But still in my curiosity to find out why people are so addicted to Gymming in bandra. I ventured out and actually thought if the Gym inspires me I might join one. So I went to 5 Gyms closest to my home.

I started with Mickey Mehta – Mickey Mehta is a unique concept, most of the focus is on building core strength and if you are like me, just who prefers to stay fit. Mickey Mehta gym on 29th Road, has round the clock classes from power yoga, calisthenics, kick boxing and other free hand exercises. They offer good discount and the deal might come to about 12000/year if you are good at bargaining your way.

I dont like fancy places – Bhaiyya Gym – Bhaiyya Gym is the perhaps the oldest gym in bandra. Estalished in 1925 with donation from Mr. Perry, this gym is known as Bhaiyya Gym has it used to host wrestling matches in bandra. They have 2 Gyms attached to a ground at St. Martins Road. Membership comes cheap here in the gym at 800 Rs/ month.

ithink Fitness – This was the most impressive gym, if you are looking for a top end gym and want to hangout with really goodlooking, knowledgeable bandra elite, this is the place. Policemen wait outside while their bosses gym inside. There have a super spinning section, and comes with all the bells and whisltes of Steam, sauna and private lockers and a health cafe. Charges are steep at 42000/year. The Gym is in the same building as the St. Paul Media complex opposite Durello convent.

Talwakars Fitness – on 28th Road, was the best gym in the value for money region. They offered me a good deal at 15000 Rs a year if i finalise before the end of the month, otherwise the charges are around 18k to 22k depending on your need for a dietician. It looks like a small place from outside, but is pretty decently sized with an alfreaco section gym and a basement gym with facilities of lockers, steam and sauna.

Watson Fitness – Watness Fitness didnt really impress me much for the price they want to charge, I think around 39000/year. The housekeeping didnt look like the best, and the gym looked not so huge compared to my expectations. But the guy who took me around said, they focus on core training which seems to be the “catchy’ word in the gym circle and they are well known for it.

This review is only limited to general enquiries for memberships. I am going to stick to my Yoga workouts as hardcore fitness doesnt appeal to me right now. Aslo there are many more gyms which i had no intention of visiting, so i conducted a poll. Check below for the results and to participate go here httpss://

Note – The views expressed are mine, and extremely subjective and you are free to disagree with me, in the comments section.

The results so far of the poll survey.