imbiss 1Perhaps you have already been to Imbiss, on Varoda Road that has received rave reviews about the meat experience it offers.

IMBISS offers a menu worth exploring – with extremely flavoursome food for avid carnivores.

There is not just the HUNGARIAN GOULASH –a thick and rich broth of beef and vegetables,slices of duck sausage or the authentic bratwurst buffalo wings in BBQ sauce, you can find smoked tantalizers from the Imbiss kitchen along with momos and rice too – making it a pleasurable dining experience.

The owner Bruce Rodriques gets all his meats from Alf Farms, Thane and there is sure to be something to tempt you among the tender and juicy meaty delicacies cooked to perfection – be it the burgers, hotdogs, soups, salads and sandwiches, schnitzels and more.

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You may probably want to try the Cold Meat Platter – An assortment of eight cold meats served with bread, dip and tossed salad or the tender juicy spare ribs barbecued to perfection and glazed with smoked BBQ sauce, served with fresh garden salad that seem like a spectacle on your plate.

Imbiss does not believe in limits, so indulge in as much quality meat that your belly permits.

They don’t rest on laurels either and are constantly putting everything into pursuing a perfect meaty meal.

No desserts, no fish, no alcohol at Imbiss.

The experience of meat doesn’t get purer than this.

Imbiss – Meat Intensive!




SHOP #5,



MUMBAI – 400 050

Phone: 084 54 946413

Email: [email protected]

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Chorizo Rice.
Chorizo Rice.