INTEGYM - Intelligent Fitness

INTEGYM - Intelligent Fitness

About Integym:

The “Inte” in Integym stands for Intelligent Integration.

Integration of the physical and mental- Identify fitness goals and fix your fitness achievement timeline.
The Integration of workouts and scientific diets inspire consistent exercise and nutrition for fitness successes.
Integration of strength and stamina- Adopt a minimum exercise input to maximum fitness output approach.
The ‘Inte’ also stands for Intelligent- Maximize every hour you spend on your fitness at Integym.
Experience Intelligent workouts and diets- Stays up to the minute with current fitness trends.
Why Integym?

Integym believes in Intelligent Fitness. Our fitness trainers and experts believe in making your fitness dreams come true. They do this because they help you Burn Double the Calories in Half the Time as compared to other fitness methods.

We all want that perfect figure and a well chiseled body but good health is equally important and is the need of the hour. Exciting, emerging trends suggest that 50 is the new 30 and everyone agrees that fitness is the most intelligent and enjoyable way of staying young and defying age.

Integym, one of the best gyms in Mumbai is here to help you do just that. Feel fit and look younger always. Gone are the days when working out and exercising was only for sports persons. Fitness trainers at Integym believe that fitness is a gift for all, and hence working out and eating intelligently is the gateway to attaining that gift!

About Integym Bandra:

After being in Colaba for 8 years, South Mumbai’s best personal training studio opens its second branch in Bandra – bigger & better. INTEGYM – Intelligent & Integrated Fitness by Madhuri Ruia now in the heart of Mumbai, Bandra. Know how to lose weight with help our certified trainers at our gym in Bandra. We have dedicated five thousand square feet of space just for fitness creating Bandra’s biggest fitness experience. Just for you to burn twice the amount of calories in half the time!

Madhuri Ruia, is one of India’s top ten health professionals who started INTEGYM in 2008 in Colaba. She now brings her expertise to create a 5000 sq. ft. state of the art gym with cardio equipment from Intensa and specially designed ergonomically accurate strength training machines; making Integym, the only fitness house in Mumbai with Intensa equipment. It will also house a group fitness studio, pilates studio and functional training rig, encouraging patrons & offering them more integrated programmes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Basement, Silver pearl Building, Waterfield road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

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