Interview with author Sonalli Guptaa on her new Book of Poems

Interview with author Sonalli Guptaa on her new Book of Poems

Could you introduce yourself to our readers in your own words?

I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I am a mother of 3, been versatile as a per- son, have varied interests and a multi-tasker.

Your team Magica Asteria participated in the recently held Tony Premiere league. What was the aim of Magica Asteria in being part of such an sport event?

Magika Asteria has been participating in various events across the city. It is such a pleasure to know that so much in Mumbai happens fo sports if only there was more visibility and better organisation. It’s been a great learning experience as a team owner and more than that as a person. immense growth and learning. I have also been now organising throw-ball events for women, and my aim is to empower women through sports.

I have received a very positive response for it, and I will look at all possibilities to do more for it.

You are launching a book on poems which you have auto-written on Love Life and everything in between? Could you tell us what do you mean by auto-writing and what the book is all about?

My book of poems called “of love…life and everything in between” is in print stage and all prepared to release by the end of this month. I have added aspects of my facilitation through questions and empowering people to look deeper into their lives.

The other thing I do is auto-writing, where people have queries about their lives and I am then a conduit between a higher msg and them. Receiving and giving as a medium, or rather a communicator. I can connect to beings from after-life and communicate with them as required.

Could you tell us what are you favourite places in Mumbai? What aspect of the suburb you like the most and hate the most?

I love my city. I have lived in suburbs all my life and studied and hung out in town, so I have had the best of both always. I love a lot of places and keep trying new ones. I love swanky restaurants and hotels and also the little quaint ones around the streets.

I love the warmth and most of all the Gulmohar trees all around in the suburbs especially Juhu where I grew up. I honestly hate the way all pavements have been encroached upon by everyone from building gates, to hawkers, to broken roads, bins, etc etc.

If one had to even consider keeping up with civic sense and use pavements to walk. It is practically impossible to do so without it being a roller coaster ride.

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