Interview with Alishka M Anand from @Bylanes_ofbandra

Interview with Alishka M Anand from @Bylanes_ofbandra

There are quite a few Bandra handles on social media. One of the most delightful handles on Instagram focusing on the bungalows of Bandra is @bylanes_ofbandra

Alishka Anand runs the account and posts her interpretation on the names of these homes along with the pictures, which makes her Instagram account feel like a blog with some interesting stories to tell.

Here is a short interview with Alishka below.


What is your relationship with Bandra?

​New, and now exploratory in nature – mostly because of my blog which keeps me on my feet and allows me to discover wonderful homes in this charming and vintage suburb. ​

Tell us your Favourite place in Bandra?

So many, but I guess if I had to choose it would be between Joggers Park (where I jog and feel quite disconnected from the rest of the world) & the countless coffee shops(the village shop, birdsong, the bagel shop) which instantaneously ​give me a sense of calm.

Tell us about your fondest Bandra memory?

​When I first moved to Bandra a year ago, I felt a renewed appreciation for the city I live in​ – I was climbing down Mount Mary Steps and the view of the sea link and city from there is marvellous.

How did you come up with the @bylanes_ofbandra initiative?

On a drive through Bandra, a close friend & I were discussing how interesting the names of the houses were in the neighbourhood, the one we discussed was Sylva Condor to be specific. ​She said it would be a crime not to document these, and I wholeheartedly agreed. That’s how my love affair with Bandra’s bylanes began.

Which is your favourite 3 bungalows in Bandra from your Instagram account?

Adelaide: This bright and chirpy red house right opposite the restaurant Villa Vandre. It has heaps of character and an adorable porch to match.

St Anne’s Rest: A green bungalow, with a lovely garden and colourful, spinning pin wheels on the coconut palms that are in its courtyard. Simply magical.

The ‘Harry Potter’ House: As I named it because of its distinctive roof and shape. Its magical, you feel like you’re in Hogsmeade.

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So, I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan. It's a pretty serious addiction, and my friends and family will vouch that it's not always been a healthy one. So when I came across a home that reminds me of something in the HPU(the Harry Potter Universe of course), I can't help but gush over it. Hogsmeade Village is located to the northwest of Hogwarts. It's a village inhabited solely by witches and wizards, and is the closest form of civilisation to the school. For reasons I will discuss, this lovely Bandra home reminds me of a home you would find in the village. Much of Hogsmeade's architecture reflects its medieval origin; think thatched sloping roofs, small windows and heavy stone work…and something about the style of this home's very distinctive roof immediately takes me there. One of Hogsmeade's most famous haunts, the Three Broomsticks Inn, is the epitome of what a home in the village would look like. I cant help but wish I could be there, sitting by the fire(Hogsmeade is always shrouded with heavy snow), drinking butterbeer or a firewhisky and talking about spells and Dumbledore(my geek heaven). Of course this home is a much more modern rendition of what you would find back in Hogsmeade, but it has heaps of character and a medieval feel that is hard to find anywhere today. Anything that reminds me of HPU is a little piece of heaven… Now if only it served that butterbeer, it would be the most perfect home in the entire world 🍻🏠———————————-// #bandra #bylanes #mumbai #mumbaidiaries #mymumbai #homes #villas #bandrabungalows #architecture #architecturelovers #archdaily #streetphoto #homes #home #cottage #trees #archdigest #harrypotter #hogsmeade #medievalarchitecture #harrypotteruniverse #threebroomsticks #mumbai_diaries #mumbai_igers

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