Interview with Bandra boy Adnan on his film "Feminist Yes, Feminazi No!"

Interview with Bandra boy Adnan on his film "Feminist Yes, Feminazi No!"

We did a short 5 question interview with Adnan on his film. So read below to know, what inspires a 20 year law school student to make a film on a very mature subject like feminism.

1) How long have you been living in Bandra chapel road?

I was born and brought up in Bandra. I use to live on Chimbai Road first but then shifted to Chapel Road when I was about nine years old. I am 20 years old now! I am a Bandra Boy. Bandra runs in my blood!

2) Why are you making movies, when are your studying law?

I love cinema. I always dream to become a filmmaker someday. I have been writing scripts right from when I was in school. When I complete my law degree and start earning money, I will fund my formal filmmaking education.

3) Why did you choose the topic of feminazi in particular? Do you think women are taking undue advantage of the huge feminism wave in India?

The issue of radical feminism is a very serious issue. Feminism and radical feminism are totally different. Feminism is standing up for women’s rights while radical feminism is the extremist version of feminism that stands to oppress men. Sometimes women make false accusations of eve-teasing, rape and molestation against men for their personal gains which is pretty much a serious issue and as usual our society who has the habit to judge a book by its cover adds further to the burden of men.

4) What’s your next short film going to be a about?

I am planning to write many more films based on other social issues.
What’s your next short film going to be an about?

The Director Adnan Mookhtiar

5) How long did it take for you to complete this video? From ideation to execution, can you list down the steps for our readers?

I had gone through a lot of difficulties to make this film. I had no funds and no proper equipment. People mocked me and made fun of me. I was a beggar asking people to help me in this and lend me their camera and editing expertise to make this film. Even actors kept walking in and walking out of this project due to lack of equipment and no funds at all. My dad finally decided to buy me a basic camera to shoot this. My classmates from Rizvi Law College, Nidhi Bajpai and Anjali Gupta were the two actresses who worked with me on this project. The other three actors were my friends. Somesh Merani is my gym buddy, Ahad Shaikh is my neighbour and studied with me in school while I met Sarang Gupta through a mutual friend a day before the shooting of the film. It took us about 4 hours to shoot the video, and it took me 3 hours to edit it. We never knew the video would go viral for the right reasons and turn out to be an internet sensation. We worked as a team; it was hard making it but in the end, it was worth it! We all owe each other for the success of this video!