I have known Behroze since I started the @bandrainfo Twitter account. She is one of the most twitter savvy septuagenarian with a unique handle @motherr. Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet. But during these lockdown times, it is more advisable to meet online.

After a bit of persuasion, Behroze has given this "to the point" twitter DM interview.

You are a Dadar girl, when did you become a Bandra girl?

After marriage years & years ago (I think 1972). First Santacruz then Khar/ Bandra.

You are quite active on Twitter? Not many senior citizens are on Twitter? What keeps you hooked to Twitter?

I am quite active on Twitter to point out issues of bad roads, footpaths etc. Now in the pandemic more so to cheer me up & get cheered up. Met a few interesting people. No politics no religion.

Tell us something about your work before you retired?

I worked for an airline & a hotel for many years. So quite familiar with airline/ hotel management.

How has Bandra changed for you?

Bandra has changed a lot. The sleepy bungalows of Khar now become hi-rise buildings. Suddenly became a Bollywood space as residents started selling their bungalows. Now every lane has a celebrity living & become a hifi area.

I love Bandra with its swanky eateries, shopping places& hifi restaurants but now too crowded. Obviously with small shady lanes now having swanky hifi buildings.

What do you think Bandra could do better at?

Too many hawkers, too many bad driving riks going into no-entry lanes. Footpaths can be levelled. Otherwise, a crowded but safe place to live in. Carters & joggers is a lovely place to spend evenings on sr citizens.

Last question - Your favourite food place, hang out and shop?

Love china garden, Yoko's & Candies. Shopping at shoppers Stop or Elco for more affordable stuff. I used to visit carters with my school friend every Sunday. Now haven’t for months.