Interview with HongKong Bank Kulfiwala at Turner Road.

Interview with HongKong Bank Kulfiwala at Turner Road.
I have been eating kulfi at this place since last 2/3 years ever since I moved to Bandra. Some Turner Road residents highly recommended me this place.
The Kulfiwala and I had a pretty professional exchange, I bought and paid, and he served me with most professionalism. But something happened a few months just in the beginning of summer. The Kulfiwala (Raj) looked upset; I naturally asked him how is the business; he blurted out; business was awful. I didn’t probe; I carried on.
A few times later, I felt Raj recognised me as a regular patron, so I asked him if he would be willing to give me an interview.
Below is a talk with Raj
There is no Hong Kong bank anymore; it has been replaced by Axis Bank, But still the Kulfiwala on the corner of Turner Road junction is known as HongKong Bank Kulfiwala.
Raj has been manning the kulfi place and carrying the legacy of this 45-year-old kulfi joint. Raj says one of his relatives used to run the place for 40 years and after his demise he has been designated to run the kulfi place. Raj is 26 and married.
The kulfi’s taste the same as they tasted 40 years back, they have maintained the same quality he claims. They have seven flavours, ex- Malai, Pista, Mango, Chickoo, choco chips. But the malai is the best seller for obvious reasons.
He says some customers say they have been frequenting the place since their childhood, and it’s part of their childhood memory.
When I ask him who is the closest competitor to their kulfi, he claims it is naturals ice-cream. He says people do complain about the price. A kg of kulfi is about Rs 350/- per kg.

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The kulfi made in Mira Road factory; the plant produces about 80-100 kgs of kulfi and supplies all over Mumbai. They do wedding orders but don’t do small birthday parties. Also, there is no home delivery, so one has to come and get the order. He says, his relatives tell him that Aamir Khan was a regular before he became such a big star, even Salman Khan driver was there once. Baba Siddique is a regular patron.
So if you haven’t tried the Hong bank kulfi which I insist you must, Raj is usually at the corner of the signal near axis bank from 7 pm onwards. Do let me know what do you think about this kulfi and if there is even some better place for kulfi nearby.