Iqbal Fitness Bonds Dance (IFBD)

Iqbal Fitness Bonds Dance (IFBD)

iqbal 2Energy, passion, innovative formations and an inclination towards contemporary form are what distinguish Iqbal’s choreography from others in the field. With over 15 years experience in dance and fitness classes, Iqbal’s dance company named ‘IFBD’ which has been giving Corporate and Personal Training Programmes in Fitness and Dance.

His dance troupe performs all over the world and is a sought after group for shows and corporate events.

Iqbal Fitness Bonds Dance gives training in the following:


If you love dancing or are simply searching for an alternative workout regimen to produce a strong & graceful body this program will deliver exceptional results! Utilizing the dance techniques in your workout routine can make you anatomically correct and artistically dynamic. Three grand perks you get through this programme is “line of dance/height of movements and above all emotional well being.”

This is a combination of various forms of dance moves like







iqbal 1


Health, fitness, skill, confidence, elegance, and poise are amongst the benefits by the help of essentials like jumps, leaps, pivots, turns, body waves and body bends must be performed with controlled flexibility, lightness of elevation, suppleness of full extension as well as elegance.

This course uses a combination of various types of kickboxing such as

Aero kick-boxing


Muay Thai

Capoeira and Gymnastics


Gym techniques, body resistance, isometrics is device for a commendable body.

These forms will not just make you lose weight but it will also burn up calories, firm up your muscles and redistribute inches.

Working your body in a controlled manner means more oxygen is delivered to the tissues so that the circulation improves and the banishment feeling of sluggishness and joints are loosened up making even daily movement more of a fundamental pleasure.

Iqbal’s classes are distinguished by the high energy, different dance style, interesting mix of exercise and astute teaching style.

Iqbal has trained celebrities like Mallika Sherawat, Kanwal Mukhi, Amrit Maghera, Ravi Kishan, Yukta Mukhi, Avni Raheja, Neha Raheja, Shahid Kapoor, Alok Saxena, Bhagyashree, Dia Mirza, Diana Hayden, Karishma Kanwal, Karishma Sharma, Lara Datta and Kelly Dorjee.



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Bandra East, Mumbai 51

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