Is Hill Road going to be gentrified after the Road widening?

Is Hill Road going to be gentrified after the Road widening?

The shoppers have been coming to Hill Road when the road was a narrow and only one vehicle could pass through it. I find myself at wits end explaining to people that wherever there are pedestrians, hawkers would be inevitable. Hill road leads to Bandstand and Mount Mary, 2 popular destination. There is a recent new age attraction of having the 2 superstar Khan’s staying there.

The vibrancy of Hill road is amazing. Go there anytime and you feel the buzz of the bazaar. Pretty ladies shopping and bargaining, their zest for life can lift up your spirits.

Hawkers Relocation

I read that the illegal hawkers would be driven away. While the legit ones with licences would be shifed to a road near St. Andrews or some lane near water field Road. Relocation of hawkers from the natural walking route’s of pedestrians will have adverse effect on the business. The network effect which works in Hill road, which is the more people shop the more people want to shop will go be reversed. The consequence is we will loose a natural bazaar.

Mirror also cites that licensed stall owners would be the worst affected.

Residents and vendors are opposing the move, saying that it will cause more congestion on the 45 to 60 feet wide Waterfield Road. The BMC has proposed to move 35 licensed vendors, who sell food, jewellery, juice, clothes etc on Hill Road, to 400-metre Waterfield Road after the festival season. via Hindustan Times


There are enough pretentious high end bars and lounges. Do we really need more? What if the road widening could end up clearing the way for better buildings with higher rents? This means whatever replaces those shops (if not road) will end up driving the prices. The natural ecosystem of bargaining customers and stall owners will end.