Is Khar #socialoffline the best Co-working Space?

Is Khar #socialoffline the best Co-working Space?

The problem with coffee shops like Starbucks is, that, first you have to buy that coffee, I dont think, we freelancers go to Starbucks for coffee, plus the menu options are uninspiring. Also, surprisingly they haven’t done anything to bring out a special card for freelancers, which might help us avoid buying that mandatory coffee.

This is where #socialoffine has taken it to the next level, the menu is extremely innovative and suits the Indian Palate much more, you get a freaking healthy Bhel salad there for Rs 160/- and other stuff like Kheema Pav and even a Vada bao. The entire menu is available on their website here

IMG_0377They have this social offline plan where the applicant is evaluated and discerningly selected; I guess they want to enable creative people with the potential to collaborate in this co-working space. The process of applying needs one to fill in the online application form and answer silly questions like “why would you like to work with us? “. But since I desperately wanted to get a membership deal, I eagerly played into those questions.

The membership is Rs 5000/ per month, fully redeemable for food and drinks or whatever you consume, My cafe bill is easily about Rs 5000/month, so after mulling about it for a while, I went for the offer. The culture manager is Sumeet, who is extremely aggressive in sales, but I guess he has a superb product, and there is no reason he should be holding back.

One last argument that makes this an irresistible offer is that you can redeem or use your social offline membership in both of the social offline in Mumbai and anywhere else in the country where social offline has set shop.

What’s the future of social offline?

I have not worked from any other social offline places, but If the concept does good, then we have an alternative to places like Starbucks where working out of a cafe means much more than ordering a coffee. These guys have better wifi that the Tata wifi at Starbucks, they provide lockers, pins and printing and scanning and also a conference room, (Though I haven’t see the conference room yet) Check the below picture.

Evernote Snapshot 20151125 093204

After the membership

Once you have paid the Rs 5000 redeemable fees, your social offline account in the quick wallet app is loaded with the Rs 5000 credit.
Ask for a check and you get a payment notification on your quick wallet app, just hit the pay option, and your account gets debited. What an efficient and paperless + cashless way to pay your bills in a cafe or a restaurant. Another lesson Starbucks and other cafe’s, who make us wait in a Q to pay the bills and waste our work time should learn.

The Impresario hospitality that runs brands like Sassy Spoon, Mocha, Smoke House Deli has impressed me, with all these thoughtful features in Khar social offline. I hope I remain one of the few selected for the social offline membership.