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In India, iSanctuary works with girls who are generally between the ages of 12 and 25 years old. At the time of trafficking and sale, girls have been younger than 12. Statistics show that girls that are trafficked have been known to be as young as age 5.isanctuary 2

International Sanctuary partners with human rights rescue agencies that work with local authorities around the world to rescue victims of oppression and slavery. Rescue agencies utilize legal and investigative professionals to collect evidence of forced slavery. Once sufficient evidence is gathered, the information is brought to local authorities who work with the human rights agency to physically remove the girls and women from their situations of abuse and exploitation.

Though the care homes are primarily intended for minor girls, young women are permitted to stay once they turn 18 if they so choose. When the girls reach 18 years of age, they are encouraged to move to transitional group homes where they can gain more independence and gradually reintegrate into society.

The survivors are paid 100% above fair trade wage. Each participant has a bank account where her earnings are deposited and saved for her future when she transitions out of the aftercare home. Fair trade wage is calculated according to each country’s economic scale. Fair Trade products ensure that items were not made by slave labor. The additional funds cover the material cost, shipping, and tax.

iSanctuary provides medical assistance, education, skills training, life skills, leadership opportunities, employment and financial stability to survivors of human trafficking.ISANCTUARY3

iSanctuary Impex Pvt. Ltd:

iSanctuary Impex Private Ltd. is a social enterprise and registered Import/Export business and the sole supplier of iSanctuary products to the U.S. based non-profit organization, International Sanctuary.

The mission is to help young women that suffer various types of exploitation, human trafficking, abject poverty, abuse, and neglect.   The business’ number one priority is to give employment as a means of reintegration so that they may become valued members of a community. iSanctuary Impex is a place where girls and women learn how to  have a voice, gain confidence, self-sufficiency, and responsibility,  all while earning a respectable income.


iSanctuary Impex Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise and exists to give young women in India a second chance to accompish their dreams of education, financial independence, and a life free of exploitation.

Western Fashion Jewelry is made by young women as their primary source of income.  It is exported or products to be sold all over the world–including right here in Mumbai.

Located in lovely Bandra East, the iSanctuary Impex headquarters serves as office, workshop, and small boutique.

Situated just off the Western Express Highway behind Chetna College, it is easy to find.


Address is Shop No. 37 New Shopping Center, Government Colony, Bandra West, Mumbai, 400051

The boutique phone number is +91-932143708

Please visit the boutique Monday thru Saturday11am-3pm


Isanctuary Impex Website:!about-us

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