Jodhaa Furnishings

Jodhaa Furnishings

jodhaa 1Jodhaa is a classic soft furnishing Collection and we carry in our range hand crafted products produced by artisans all over India. Each product from our collection highlights the creativity and talent of the Indian artisan and we are sure that you will be as pleased to have them in your homes as we are to create and bring them to you.

Jodhaa endeavors to bring to your homes classic products that you can be proud to use for years . We do not follow short term trends but design and create products that we describe as timeless fashion.
New collections are created 4 times a year so you can be assured of exclusivity and a constantly changing range of products and designs.

Jodhaa was founded by Harsha Karnani & Khushi Bhambhani in 2008.

jodhaa3During various trips to Rajasthan , Gujarat and Bengal they discovered village based industries with multiple skill sets hidden from the world. Determined to showcase these skills while helping to provide employment to the skilled artisans they formed Jodhaa in 2008.

Each season Jodhaa creates a new collection with colors, designs, and quality in sync with the world markets but showcasing traditional skills of the artisans from various states in India.

The main products are bedspread sets , bedcovers , quilts , razais , dohars with co-ordinated pillow and/or cushion covers , carpets , table runners with co-ordinated table mats and wall hangings.. All products are hand crafted and individually embroidered or printed and are usually in cottons, brocades, silk and velvets.

jodhaa 2Jodhaa has been bringing these exquisite products to the world and Jodhaa is today a strong link between the artisans and the various consumers who depend on us to provide world class creativity into their homes.

Today Jodhaa has a reputation of being one of the finest innovators specializing in home furnishings and has the strength to create world class products in small quantities so the product remains exclusive and unique to its customer base.

Our vision is to help make the Indian craftsman and artisan recognized around the globe for the unique and incomparable handwork they produce.

We deliver world wide and accept orders from a single unit delivered to your doorstep as well as multiple units of the same design.

Do get in touch for a whole new range and meaning to exclusive home furnishings.


Contact Person :HARSHA KARNANI


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