Jogger's Park Bandra - A habitat for all age groups

Jogger's Park Bandra - A habitat for all age groups

The serene winds of Jogger’s Park Bandra engulf, enchant and refresh locals. It is a divine time spent near nature. One can easily forget about day to day worries and soak in the sunsets, lush green lawns, and banter between children and the aged.

One will find newborn infants to elderly population swarming the parks between 5.00 AM to 9:00 PM, all days of the week. Such is the magnanimous beauty of Jogger’s Park Bandra that it attracts an average of 2000 visitors daily and distant natives during the weekends.

Jogger’s Park, Bandra

Location and Entry

Near Otter’s Club Bandra, Off Carter Road Promenade. This park has found a rather scenic corner isolating itself from the hustle of the city. It opens to a beautiful view of the Arabian sea where one can comfortably perch themselves and witness a heavenly sun downer.

The entry is free since 2017 after private ownership of Jogger’s Park Bandra was dissolved and handed over to the MCGM. Locals expressed concern over the maintenance initially yet the MCGM has proved its efficiency and provided similar standards.


It can take up to 10 minutes to find a parking spot given the heavy crowds swarming the park at peak hours. Many visitors prefer to come in their private cars, so the search to find a slot takes longer. One needs to be watchful of the locals crossing over between the parking area and even maneuver around the shuttling rikshas.

Fun fact

There’s a Bollywood film inspired by Jogger’s Park Bandra on the same name. It revolves around an ambitious and loving young woman falling for an aged former judge. It is headlined by Perizaad Zorabian and scripted by Subhash Ghai. Even places inspire creative people to come up with stories. At Jogger’s park, you will find many such stories unfold.

Piece of Advice for Parents

Children are bound to lose their way or suffer temporary separation from parents/guardians. Advise children to stand beneath the huge clock found at the entrance or stand along side security guards to aid them to quickly find their way back to you.


It is amazing to find people from all walks of life at Jogger’s Park Bandra. The young blood is passionate to shed calories and walk or jog rapidly on tracks. The park has a distinct demarcation to accommodate joggers from walkers. They may even match their steps to fast paced music or record their individual fitness efforts on smart apps.

Some attempt gymnastics and yoga or meditation on the lush garden spaces. All in all, one can get enough motivation to kick start their own fitness plan.

Children and Newborns

Then comes the cute population of 0-10 years who are generally found near the play areas competing with friends on zig-zag slides or learning to wait for their turn before buying time on swings. Some even bring a gardening set to build castles and homes, a rare feat in today’s digital age, and a privilege for many parents to provide their kids with valuable social time.

There’s a beautiful pond situated at the center of the park and an overhead bridge which provides a stunning bird’s eye view of the several fishes, ducks and flora. Beneath the same bridge can be found huge cages which house colorful love birds. Be sure to take children to witness nature first-hand.

Elderly Groups

One will be stunned that friendships remain or can be fostered at an elderly age as well. The aged have an opportunity to be a part of the contagious laughter groups. Together they look back at life and beautifully live in the moment.

Personal Experience

I have been regular at Jogger’s Park Bandra for evening walks combined with a session of yoga and aerobics with my mother. Many locals had approached me to know if I taught fitness. Some years went by and I began accompanying my nieces to the play area, helping them climb up the slides repeatedly as they liked endless attempts. Today I visit to find some time-off and soak in the tranquility and twilight.

Jogger’s Park Bandra is habitual to several locals and distant natives. If you’re new in Bandra, make a visit to this park a routine, a mandate and you will come out with richer experience and friendships.