Joggers Park

Joggers Park

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Standing on the shores of the Arabian Sea, is an admirably clean seaside jogging track, possibly one of the best in Mumbai. The Joggers Park as it is aptly named provides a landmark element for Bandra.

One of the best maintained public parks in Mumbai, the lush green Joggers Park project and initiative opened in 1990 is a gift from Sir Oliver Andrade.

Located strategically next to the Otters Club and the Laughing Club, Joggers Park is an instant vibe change from the buzz of Bandra.

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What to expect?

Find yourself transported to a world that offers an unmatched opportunity for revitalization.

Joggers Park serves as an affordable place for people of all ages to exercise, enjoy nature,spend time with friends and family.

The three multiuse tracks made of tiles, mud and concrete interspaced with plants and manicured lawns make it a perfect place for walkers and joggers. The trails are also regularly utilized for training sessions in athletics.

The visitors can enjoy watching turkeys, hens and rabbits, the bird’s enclosure and the rock garden in the middle of a pond that has fishes, ducks and geese as they take a stroll around the park.

The play area in the park is great entertainment for kids as well. The park has also been inspiration for a Bollywood movie by the same name.

The availability of drinking water, trash receptacles, washroom facilities make it a perfect place for outings.

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Find a nook as the wind rustles through the trees, pick up your book, simply relax and unwind.

The golden view of the sunset is a stunning sight from the wind kissed spots of the park. Sit on the benches which command the best view of the sea and listen quietly to the sound of the waves.

Chirping with life and that’s not all.

Joggers Park – the trails are beckoning.


Address: Off Carter Road, Near Otters Club,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Park gates are open from 5 am to 9 am/3.30 pm to 9 pm.

Park admission is Rs 1 per child and Rs. 2 per adult.

Take the bus: Bus No:  220 from Bandra West Station.