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Innovative, vibrant and creative, Kangaroo Kids is a result of Ms. Lina Ashar’s passion to make every learning moment joyful, effective and meaningful.When Lina returned from Melbourne in 1993 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, it did not take her long to understand the limitations of the existing education system in India.

Her conviction in the need for change led to the establishment of her first preschool in Bandra (Mumbai) in 1993, with only 13 students.

Today, Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd. has blossomed into a renowned educational group with over 80 schools across different cities in India as well as in Dubai and Maldives.

Kangaroo Kids provides an engaging curriculum and state-of –the art equipment in a safe and stress-free environment and imparts holistic education to the children.

Kangaroo Kids Club – Giving your toddler a head start

The Kangaroo Kids Club creates an action-based learning in a fun-filled environment, and is among the first in the country to offer a mother-toddler interactive programme.

This programme is divided into two levels:

The Toddler Programme

The Toddler Programme (Toddler and Significant care-giver) – For Children aged between 10 months and 1 year and 5 months

The Mother-Toddler Programme is an interactive programme that helps children develop some vital skills like colour identification, mathematical concepts, sorting, forming of sets, sequencing, eye-hand co-ordination, language, vocabulary and concentration. For this programme, the child has to be accompanied by the mother thrice a week.

The Toddler Transitional Programme

The Toddler Transitional Programme – For Children aged between 1 year 6months and 1.11 yrs

When a child is around one and a half years old, he/she can perform several activities with minimum assistance. Therefore, this programme is little more challenging, with 1 hour 30 minute sessions for five days a week. For this programme too, the child can be accompanied by the mother/significant care-giver.

Kangaroo Kids Preschool – 1.6 yrs

In the preschool, the skills acquired in the earlier years are enhanced. Kangaroo Kids preschool aims at making the child independent while building a social, emotional and academic base. The curriculum not only covers language, maths and science, but also includes several important skills that are essential building blocks for further learning. A variety of activities and field trips keeps the interest levels of the children high, so that they perceive learning as a joyful experience and thus, are much better prepared to enter the mainstream school.

The facilities provided in the preschools include:

  • Slides and see-saws
  • Flower bed
  • Doll-house
  • Inflated pool
  • Common Areas and Passages
  • Elevation
  • Computers & I-pads
  • Sandpit
  • Library
  • Doll house
  • Audio Visual Room
  • CCTV
  • Class rooms as per brain Development Zones
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Easel boards

After School activities:

At Kangaroo Kids, Pali Hill, many interesting activities are conducted after school hours, which are also open to children who are not students of Kangaroo Kids. Yoga, pottery, clay modeling, ceramic glazing, art and dance classes are held every evening after school and on Saturday mornings.


Kangaroo Kids,

Row House #5 ,

Chetak Co-operative Hsg. Soc. Ltd.,

Pali Hill, Bandra (W),

Mumbai – 400 050..

Call: 022 26487327 / 022 26043531

Email: palihill@kangarookids.co.in

WEBSITE: https://www.kkel.com/palihill/contactus.htm


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