Kikis Flowers

Kikis Flowers

kikisFlowers have a language of their own, and it is this bright particular language that we would teach our readers.

Today flowers are still an important part of our weddings, holidays and ceremonies although we may not know their true meaning. Wedding bouquets often include ivy that symbolizes fidelity.

If you are looking for new ways of saying it, then just begin with flowers…

Kikis flowers fulfill your floral requirements.

The expert designers who understand the aesthetics of floral display artistically arrange the flowers you choose to deliver through us. And yes, they are delivered by hand delivered personally and not through courier.

Kiki’s charges are as modest as you could expect. There are no delivery charges.

All deliveries will be made on all working days between 7 AM – 10 PM (7 days a week)

Contact Kiki for midnight delivery. Bouquets are delivered anywhere in Bombay.


Kiki Mehta

Mi-Casa Shop 1,

Opp. Tavaa, Off. Turner Road,

Tel. : 022 – 640 65 94 / 641 9320




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