Kinderland is geared towards offering an opportunity for children to discover their own gifts and talents and take charge of their own learning for their future. Kinderland believes that, the individual ability of every child is limitless. As human beings, we all arrive here with a survival kit; but we grow and develop within a process of constant interaction with our environment. It is this conducive environment that Kinderland promises to give our children, and we hope that you will make the most of it- both you as parents and your child.

Our Mission Statement :

Kinderland provides an environment that is designed to ignite in the children a thirst for learning. We are concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of Information and Communication Technologies (i.e. IT). The child’s special needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses are tailored to and extended. To achieve this, the staff at Kinderland are closely monitored and assisted to impart quality education. No compromise will be made to develop the school to be at par with the best around. We plan to create an atmosphere where children can grow physically, morally, spiritually and intellectually.

Our Philosophy

Kinderland has a well developed 4 year programme designed to enhance your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and academic growth to ready them for formal education.

We believe that it is the process rather than the product through which a child learns that is important.

We aim to open the world of learning

•             By developing their wonder and exciting their learning.

•             By addressing content area through themes.

•             By focussing intensively on language and literacy with emphasis on oral language.

•             By incorporating favourite classic children’s books, songs and poems to develop themes, skills and concepts.

•             By encouraging children to explore independently.

About the Management

This state-of-the-art pre-school will be steered by Ms. Jenai Khariwalla under the guidance of her grand-mother Mrs. Roshan Khariwalla – a doyen in education-with more than 50 years of experience in the field of education and administration.Ms. Jenai Khariwalla is a graduate in Management Studies with training in Early Chilhood Care Education. She has a thrust to introduce all children to the world of learning and to stimulate their inner potential and skills.

She hopes to steer her ship for long and bring out children from its portals who will be confident, humane and interactive.


Kinderland has well qualified, experienced teachers, equipped with the latest technologies in teaching. Under the guidance of these teachers our children will be exposed to the interactive white board and to hands-on display boards— their teaching-learning tools.

We will also have a shadow teacher who will be ably guided by counsellor. Her job profile will not be to tutor the child academically, but to make him more receptive to learning.

Teachers will be well supported by the management through regular in-service sessions and workshops to enhance their challenging and innovative teaching, in the focus to develop skills and provide value education.

Facilities are designed and picked out for children at different age-levels to give them optimum learning experiences. Every room of KINDERLAND is excitement – filled for infants through their formative years.


A play place where children can indulge in role-play with variety of toys and materials selected to satisfy their curiosity while helping them to grow, learn and develop into brighter, smarter and healthier children.

The Three L’s

Learning, Loving and Laughter will be a daily occurance for children at KINDERLAND. KINDERLAND has an educational environment where children are taught that learning is fun, where every child is loved and made to feel happy.

Up-to-date Programmes

Kinderland’s proprietary programme materials will be constantly reviewed and updated to meet the changing developmental and educational needs of children in today’s society.

Successful Programmes

The Kinderland programme is specially designed by our team of Child Development Early Childhood Education specialists. Its aim is to promote holistic development for children and readiness for schooling.

Regular Appraisals

Kinderland children will be well-prepared for formal schooling. They will be given diagnostic testing to keep track of their progress in English, Mathematics, and general learning.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to help the teachers weave the many elements together by using a balanced, comprehensive and stimulating preschool curriculum. Thus, Kinderland develops each child’s potential and ensures individual success.

Numeracy Alive Program:

This enriching programme serves as a meaningful and concrete way for children to acquire early mathematical concepts through hands-on learning materials from the child’s own environment, game boards, work cards and worksheets.

Integrated Language Arts Program:

A multi-sensory, thematic approach that combines stories, art, phonics and language experiences has been developed to bring meaning to the learning of the alphabet, reading and writing.

Activity Based Language Studies Program:

Kinderland offers fun and effective ways of learning languages other than English, e.g. Hindi and Marathi through songs, stories, drama and movement.

Technology Integrated Learning

Kinderland uses special child-friendly software that gives children a technological head start while teaching them the basics of language, their environment and mathematics. We cater to interactive learning programme through the interactive white boards and hands on display boards.

Move with Music Programme

This is movement-based music programme uniquely designed to nurture, refine and extend young children’s musical abilities and enjoyment through songs, musical stories, percussion instruments and expressive movements.

Environmental Learning Programme

Emphasis will be placed on Science process skills. These skills include observing, measuring, hypothesising, predicting, planning, carrying out investigations, interpreting and presenting information in such a way as to be understood. The presentation of information will depend upon the age ability of the child. We aim to stimulate the curiosity of the child, to encourage them to question in order that answers can be found and understood.

Move with Music Programme

This is movement-based music programme uniquely designed to nurture, refine and extend young children’s musical abilities and enjoyment through songs, musical stories, percussion instruments and expressive movements.

Learning is Fun

Activities that will enhance the Learning programme at KINDERLAND


A mind and body building activity for concentration and attitude building as also for relaxation.


An exercise to help children with motor development and concentration to help increase their attention span.

Water Play / Splashing Around

Children will be exposed to Water play and Sand play in troughs at the Pre-Nursery and Nursery levels. They will then be given the opportunity to get into a baby pool and splash around to build their confidence for swimming at a later stage.

Messy Play

Pottery, Play Dough and other sand materials to create their own imaginative articles are given to them to develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Music and Movement

In our teaching and exposure to music, the emphasis is always in enjoyment. The children are taught songs of all kinds and are exposed to a variety of instruments from time to time. By playing and listening to music we develop their listening skills and we also note their response to music. Everything that is movement to music will develop their senses.

[quote]Music gives wings to the mind, a soul to the universe, flight to the imagination and a life to everything[/quote]  -Plato

Art and Craft

Art is taught both as a means to support the curriculum areas and as a subject by itself. Children will be exposed to a variety of techniques and use various media. Art appreciations will be introduced by talks from some contemporary artists or visits to Museum and Art Galleries. Children learn a lot hands-on and therefore Craft activities will be a part and parcel of the school curriculum.


This is taught throughout the years of development to inculcate values and confidence in young minds. It helps in developing Language and expression skills.

Puppet Play

This exposes children to Language skills and promotes thinking skills and listening skills.

Field Trips

Children will be taken on field trips for exposure to their environment by letting it work as their learning tool.



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