Do you really know yourself….??

In a FREE Consultation..I am here to tell you WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY GET IN LIFE’

For further Prediction about you as regards
a) Some of life’s Future Events
b) Higher Self

You would be charged @ Rs 1000 extra, payable in advance. Softcopy of your birth chart will also be provided.

For appointment call 9702263176 or mail [email protected]

(You need to know your date (DD/MM/YY), time & place of birth when u come for consultation)

Meeting place: Qtube Cafe, SV Rd, Bandra West.

Bakul Diwekar has been an Energy Matrix Astrologer for the past 8yrs, prior to it he has been in the Fashion Jewelry Industry (12 yrs) & Computer Software & Hardware Industry (15 yrs)