Kripa Rotary HIV/AIDS Helpline



Kripa offers a 24 hour HIV-AIDS help line service as an anonymous means of gaining information and guidance on HIV-AIDS issues.

The help line telephone number is: +91-22-26429158

Kripa Helpline supplies information and guidance to all those who call it for help.

Information is based on:

1. Treatment services

2. Preventive Curative Rehabilitation serviceskripa helpline


1. Information

2. Crisis intervention

3. Individual counseling

4. Family counseling

5. Motivation to change or continue in recovery

6. Referral to change or continue in recovery

7. Referral and admission

8. Follow up



Kripa Foundation

81/A Chapel Road

Mt. Carmel Church

Bandra (W)


Maharashta  – 400050


Phone: 91-022-26405411 / 26433027, 91-022-26439295

Appointment Phone: 91-022- 26405405

E-Mail : or


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Working Hours:

Normal working hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There is a Counselor to guide you in your enquiries. Medical staff is normally present in the evening but you will be further instructed if you call upon the counselor in person.

24 hour Helpline service – 91-022-26429158.

There is a Counselor to guide you through your period of trauma and give necessary assistance.

Please submit any questions/comments to : /