La Transformatione

La Transformatione

la 1Beauty is not skin deep. So very true.

But when an extra bit is added to the looks, the inner beauty redefines itself. At La transformation, we just do that. Making you more beautiful and confident.

We have a team of Cosmetic surgeons, Cosmetologists, Dieticians, Counsellors and cosmetic dental surgeons guiding you for optimum results. The centre is different in the sense that Professional ethics are of utmost importance to us apart from the great results we offer. At the end you go home more satisfied and get more value for your hard earned money.

Conceived by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi, M.Ch., who is a renowned cosmetic & plastic surgeon and Consultant at the prestigious Bombay Hospital, and Hinduja (Khar) Mumbai, La transformation offers a policy of team work so that in absence of one, you don’t have to suffer. We value you time and care for your apprehensions.

At La transformatione we not only transform you, we try to REFORM you with renewed attitude, renewed confidence and a renewed personality!! We cater to every aspect of your requirement. Our top-of-the-line team of counselors, cosmetic/plastic surgeons, nutritionists, cosmetologists and cosmetic dental surgeons draw up the optimum course of treatment based on your requirements, leading you to best possible results.

Each individual’s skin is different from others and what is good for one may not be necessarily be good for other. Technology must be applied judiciously. We know that.


We at Latransformatione offer cosmetic surgeries and non surgical cosmetic procedures. There are various tools today in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon/cosmetologist by which either alone or by a combination of the procedures, one can try to achieve the desired results. You can browse through our list and find out what you require. This preliminary information will help you make up your mind. A detailed consultation with our team will further help you clarify your doubts.

In case of any doubts you are most welcome to contact us so that we can help you in decision making.


201, Shaquib Building,

Above Tavaa Restaurant,

Turner Road, Bandra (W),

Mumbai – 400050.

Tel / Fax: +91 22 26409824

Mobile: +91 9004022151


Our hospital is open daily 10 AM – 08 PM.



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