Lagerbay – An All Day Diner ''European with Asian Influence''

Lagerbay – An All Day Diner ''European with Asian Influence''

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As soulful music creates the background score to your conversations, our delicious menu and stirring spirits will add the special effects. So come on down to Lagerbay and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The Food, Music and Drinks as well as the interiors and decor of the place reflect the  pub culture in Europe.

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Chef Yasin Inamdar’s cuisine is a combination of particular ingredients blend into authenticity which derive a phenomenal dining experience. He uses a culinary method that integrates various regional cooking styles in order to create good blend of flavours including mixing herbs and spices which innovative new cooking styles.

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Chef Yasin says – [quote] It’s all about practising, experimentation, pushing the boundaries of cooking styles by combining ethnic ingredients and techniques. It’s about having fun with food and the enjoyment you get from various ingredients is just amazing. My vision is to pleasantly satisfy all the palates and take them through a delectable eating experience.” [/quote]


Lagerbay – An All Day Diner ”European with Asian Influence”!

183, Waterfield Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Ph: 022 – 6736 9999



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