Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien


[quote]What he wanted was so simple: bread, hearty and wholesome, with a firm slice and a good crust.[/quote]

As a young chef in Brussels, Alain could not find the right bread for his restaurant.

Passionate about quality, he returned to his roots and opened a small bakery where he could knead flour, salt and water into the rustic loaves of his childhood.

He called his bakery[quote] “Le Pain Quotidien.”[/quote]

Yes, it’s tricky. (It was so simple in Belgium!)

In English, the name means[quote] “The Daily Bread.”[/quote]

It sounds like this: luh paN koh-ti-dyaN 

Le Pain Quotidien bread is made today exactly as it was in the beginning: with organic flour, salt, and water, kneaded and shaped by hand and baked in a hearth under the watchful eye of artisan bakers.

Understanding the magic of a buttery, flaky croissant and of a dark, fudgy brownie, the delectable pastries in the patisserie are finely crafted. The pastries are baked fresh every day to offer that magic.

Friends and strangers alike come together around LPQ’s communal table to break bread and linger for a while. Like all of their furniture, the communal table is made from reclaimed wood, which means no trees were sacrificed for us to sit and unwind.

Unlike most commercial bakeries, Le Pain Quotidien uses no additives, preservatives, or improvers during our bread making process.

To create our signature breads, we use levain, a natural rising agent made from a sourdough starter, water and salt. Using levain rather than yeast produces breads with a rich aroma and sound structure.

Because we use a traditional process to create our breads, they may have a shorter shelf life than the commercial breads you’re accustomed to consuming.  This is because most commercial breads are made using additives and preservatives that extend the life of the loaf.

Be it for the bakery, breakfast, beverages, soup, tartines, salads, sharing platters, hot dishes, evening specials or desserts, we insist on the freshest and finest ingredients. If we can’t find them, we make them ourselves.

Our shelves are lined with the products we’ve created: the jams and chocolate spreads on the communal table, the granola in your parfait, the coffee that fills your bowl.

These items are available for purchase at the counter.

When at Le Pain Quotidien, take a seat next to a neighbor, share the Brunette and be reminded that, even in the big city, we are a community.



Le Pain Quotidien,

G2, 3 North Avenue,

Maker Maxity,

Bandra Kurla Complex,

Bandra (East)

Mumbai – 400051

Phone: 66431616

Manager :  Yogesh Kandpal

Mobile: 98201 09967

Email : rm.bkc@lpq.co.in

Website: https://www.lepainquotidien.in/

Store Hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 am