‘Learn Social Dancing’ introduces a new approach to Salsa

‘Learn Social Dancing’ introduces a new approach to Salsa


International dancer and trainer Sahiba Sawhney will host specialized classes 

Mumbai; 17 June, 2015: The concept of ‘Learn Social Dancing’ is an attempt to nurture and sustain the community of Salsa dancers. It begins on June 28, 2015, and thereafter will be held on every Sunday evening in two batches of one hour each at St. Peter’s Kindergarten School, Bandra (W).

Sahiba Sawhney, who brings with her 11 years of experience in this particular style and other Latin dance forms like Bachata, Cha Cha and Merengue will train people in this concept. She will be supported by a team of 5 experienced trainers from the city.

Sahiba Sawhney says, “Salsa is a social dance, not just choreography. If done the right way, social dancing is extremely fun! With ‘Learn Social Dancing’ we want to create a safe, understanding and appreciative environment for both Salsa music and dance.”

Each one hour class is devised in a flexible format and divided into two parts; learning and practicing. This will ensure that the participants learn as well as apply their learning in a social dancing format.

Each participant will have the option to learn at their own pace and convenience. On entry a syllabus will be assigned that will comprise of the minimum number of steps required to complete each level. When everything is ticked off the list, the trainer will dance with them and assess their social dancing. If they meet all the criteria successfully, they will be handed the next level syllabus and given much love. If they need more practice, they will be given even more love and assistance from the trainers to complete the level.

This structured social dancing environment following the concept will serve as a great learning ground for those new to dancing but are enthusiastic and open to learning.

Our aim is that even if the participants don’t choose to become the world’s best salsa dancers, they will be trained to be comfortable dancing in a social setting, make a ton of friends along the way and never be alone in a new city. (Salsa dancing is in every major city in the world).



Sundays Only

28th June Onwards


5 pm to 6 pm (Batch 1)

6 pm to 7 pm (Batch 2)


INR 250/- per hour/session


St. Peter’s Kindergarten School,

Opposite St. Stanislaus High School,

Hill Road, Bandra (W)

Open to ages 14 and above.

You don’t need to come with a dance partner.

Session starts dot at the hour. Students will not be permitted midsession.

Contact us: 

+91 9820068961(sms<SOCIAL DANCING>)


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