Let’s Chocolati was created to offer a unique ‘Chocolati experience’.

Let’s Chocolati was created to offer a unique ‘Chocolati experience’.

Sensations to savour … designs to delight … Feel your tongue swirl deliciously around the velvety soft centered bonbons which include fresh sensations of orange, blueberry, strawberry, cooling mint, gianduja, caramello fleur de sel etc. Let your teeth wildly crunch into the Pralines of roasted almonds, pistachios, hazlenuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, various seeds and spices.

Concept and inspiration for such artistic hand-made chocolates which give a tantalizing, oozing experience were results of travels of Arif and Andrea to different countries, absorbing the chocolate-know-how, perfecting the techniques and blending in home-made recipes.

Brilliantly crafted chocolates and even uniquely hand painted to melt in with every occasion and festival. Every single chocolate is created fresh and healthy, on order, with high quality fresh n dry fruits, nuts etc.

Valentine Day Special

These healthy chocolates are vegetarian, preservative-free and gluten-free. A bite into these creations bring you a unique delightful refreshing experience.

X’Mas Special

Let’s Chocolati has received fantastic Google Reviews from it’s patrons who have purchased and tasted the chocolates. Just type ‘letschocolati reviews’ on the Google bar if you are curious. You can expect nothing less than the best from Let’s Chocolati.

Afternoon newspaper has termed Andrea “Chocolatier par excellence”!

Andrea and Arif say, “The yearning of your taste buds for exquisite chocolate ends here”.

The article in the Afternoon is here

Say it with chocolates to your loved ones ALL OVER INDIA with Let’s Chocolati’s FREE DELIVERY offers.Bulk orders for Corporates, wedding favors, Shagun gifting , Baby showers, etc are lovingly executed by Let’s Chocolati.Prices range from Rs.550/- to Rs.750/- only per box.


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Let’s Chocolati has a strong bond with Bandra…

Andrea, a born Bandraite, started her chocolate journey, whilst she was very young, baking Christmas cakes, Chocolate cakes and other savories. Watching her grandparents and parents, the love for dessert-making took its roots. After she went to live abroad she baked cakes and made chocolates as a hobby which grew into a passion over the years. Perfecting her techniques and recipes all along the way out of a love forged during childhood, a hobby that grew into a passion gave birth to Let’s Chocolati.

Arif a graduate from St. Andrew’s College, Bandra. A keen software professional and an astute financial banker handles the e-commerce for the Brand; the website speaks for itself www.letschocolati.in