List of Broadband Internet Service Providers in Bandra

List of Broadband Internet Service Providers in Bandra

One of the most pertinent problems to solve is to find a good unlimited internet connection. 4G services like Jio have taken a bit of the pain out of our lives. However it would be too risky to rely completely on one service provider. If you like to stream content, nothing but unlimited plans works for you. In this case, the neighbourhood broadband ISP is immensely valuable.

Here I am compiling a list of the broadband service in Bandra/khar. I have used about three of them and have written my take on them, for the rest I have tried to google reviews. The best option is to talk to your friends and neighbours, but for others this list would be useful.

Check out the results of the Survey I did to find out which is the best ISP for bandra/Khar. Also you can register your vote here.



Qucik review
When I shifted to Khar I used to live next to the Khar telephone exchange. This was way back in 2012 and 2014. MTNL when it worked it worked well, otherwise it was a pain. I had to walk down to the MTNL office next door to get things sorted.

Plans –

Contact Numbers 02226406500


Address :
1) MTNL Bandra Bandra Tele. Exch. Bandra Recl. Bandra Mummbai, 400050 India.

2) Khar Tele. Exch. Pali Rd. Khar (W) Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

MTNL was setup on 1st April, 1986 by the Government of India to upgrade the quality of telecom services, expand the telecom network, introduce new services and to raise revenue for telecom development needs of India ‘s key metro cities of Delhi & Mumbai.
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Quick Review
When I moved to Bandra, I called on Brain Cable and Wincable. Wincable thrilled me by installing the same day, elated and euphoric I blogged about them. But As I mentioned, their plans were expensive and I had to cop out in favour of Joister.

The service with Wincable is flaky. Nothing goes wrong most of the time, but somehow you don’t feel confident on the service front.

Plans –

Contact Numbers – 02226051316, 02226051317, 02226050607, 02226058866

9594038000, 9867301000

Email –

Win Cable Entertainment Private Limited

Ground Floor,pukhraj Mahal,Linking Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400052.


The Rajan Raheja-promoted Hathway Cable and Datacom have entered into a joint venture company with Win Cable, a firm floated by former Hinduja group directors. The joint venture company will enable the Rahejas to get a foothold in the suburbs of Mumbai. Hathway already controls south Mumbai.

The new company which will be christened Win Cable Datacom will see Rahejas holding 80 per cent stake and the balance by Win Cable promoters. The investments for the cable business project will, however, be done by the Rahejas.

Win Cable promoters, Jagjit Kohli, Yogesh Radhakrishnan and Yogesh Shah, had in July announced their entry into cable distribution business. With the financial support of the Rahejas, they hope to become major players in the country.
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Quick Review
I met my neighbour when I was unhappy with Wincable. My neighbour recommend that I should shift to Joister. He said he is on an unlimited plan and downloads a lot of stuff. So I got on to Joister I find Joister pretty incredible. I had only one issue and that was also resolved in 24 hours,The plans are the best and unlimited.
Contact Numbers – 98922 98922


Joister is a technology driven company aiming at providing highly reliable, secure and affordable broadband connectivity for residential as well as small businesses.

Established in 2010 we have our headquarters in Mumbai and regional office in Pune.

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Quick Opinion
There is a lady on twitter, from Pali Hill and is always outraging about disruption in her connection. Our survey results have put Hathway Broadband in the 3rd place. May be the number of users in Bandra/Khar for Hathway is higher, hence more the number of complaints? However I would advise you to exercise discretion before settling for Hathway.

Address: • Address: Rahejas, 4th Floor, Corner of Main Avenue and V. P. Road,Santacruz (W), Mumbai-400054.

Tel: 91-22-26001306
Plans :

Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd is one of the largest cable TV services company in India as also the largest cable broadband & digital cable service provider in the country.  Hathway is a public limited company with pedigree shareholders such as R.Raheja group, Providence PE & scores of top mutual funds/FIIs as shareholders.
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Brian Cable

Quick Opinion

I couldn’t find any significant information on Brian Internet. It seems to be a local operator who has leased bandwith from some major player. Old time bandra-ites patronise Brian and they seem pretty happy about the speeds.


  • +(91)-22-26452456
  • 28, Louis Cottage, Varoda Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Airtel Broadband

Quick Opinion
Airtel Broadband doesn’t have a big base in bandra, but it does provide services in some areas of Bandra. I have heard they have FUP limits in their plan and unlimited might be a bit expensive.

Plans – httpss://

Address –
Kadeswari Road , Bandra West 400050 – Mumbai (MH)

Contact Number -9773636913

Airtel Broadband Services Private Limited provides broadband internet services. It holds broadband wireless access spectrum in the Indian telecom circles of Mumbai, Delhi, Haryana and Kerala. The company was formerly known as Wireless Business Services Private Limited and changed its name to Airtel Broadband Services Private Limited as a result of its acquisition by Bharti Airtel Limited
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Again, not a popular choice, and seems like a new entrant. Spearhead office is at Palinaka , so if you live around pali hill, this could be a good option.

Plans –

402, Dheeraj Swapna, Pali Naka, Near Punjab Sweets, Bandra West, Pali Market, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Phone Numbers

+91 9773237865

Being over 2 decades in this business when the revolution of Internet started in India, Spearhead Live pampers the impatient. It takes you to a level where using the internet does not test your nerves! Being the very first Broadband ISP with self owned last mile network in India, we understand the growing needs of our clients very well. Having identified the service gaps we have assimilated a bandwidth provisioning service that will bring about a paradigm shift in the current system.
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IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd. (A subsidiary of Hinduja Ventures Limited) is one of India’s largest integrated media companies (‘IMCL’). IMCL is the pioneering and one of the largest multi system operators in the country.
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Toll Free No.: 18002100800
Email id:
Website :


Not much is known about Tikona, except few reviews on the consumer complaints site, So please subscribe to Tikona, after checking with your neighbours.