Live from the Console

Live from the Console

livefromThere is an active scene for music in the pub/resto-bar space. But music as a community activity and generation of new audiences for local talent remains a bit of challenge. ‘Live from The Console’ at Rowson’s Reserve Smooth Spaces is the answer to that challenge.

‘Live from The Console’: is a coming together of fresh musical talent & like-minded people. The idea is to give bands a new, alternative platform to showcase their music & you to discover it! We’re hoping to see musicians, A&R types, music biz types and hopefully YOU at the ‘The Console’- the idea being to create a no frills community of music lovers that gets together to discover new musical talent that goes beyond Sheela, Munni and Mutton.

Discover new music. Meet like minded people from the scene. If that’s not enough, booze at wallet friendly prices!

An initiative by:

DAY 1 (Sony Music Independent) & Oranjuice Entertainment


Recording Studio,

Mehboob Studio,

Bandra West

Mumbai – 400 050


Facebook: httpss://


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