Mac Craig Confectioners and Caterers

Mac Craig Confectioners and Caterers

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The term ‘Mac’ has a familiar and nostaligic ring about it to all the Bandraites as all the old residents had personal connections with the famous catering house of ‘Mac Ronells’.

After his father’s death around 1986 the Late Denzil Pereira branched out on his own and continued what his father excelled in confectionary and catering under the name of ‘Mac Craig’-Craig being the name of his only son.

‘Mac Craig’ was opened and started by none other than the late Denzil Pereira son of the late Mr. Cajie Pereira founder of the well known ‘Mac Ronells’.

To-day Craig Pereira carries on his father’s legacy in his fast food outlet situated in Gaspar Enclave on St John’s road just a stone’s throw away from the family establishment Mac Ronells Roof Garden in Bandra. ‘Mac Craig’ excels in the same confectionary and culinary items like his ancestors.

‘Mac Craig’ is famous for the rich dark plum cake, crispy hot patties, chicken, mutton, beef and vegetarian items. Other mouth watering delights like various types of sandwiches, savouries, chicken kebabs, tikkas, tandoori, briyanis, rotis, desserts and a whole lot more of goodies it has to offer.

The other specialist is Mac Craig’s outdoor catering with different menus for every occasion be it marriages, parties, birthdays, christenings, communions and any type of event where catering is a must.


The Mac Craig


Shop No.18 Gasper Enclave Bldg, Corner of St.Johns &

Pali Rd (Opp HDFC Bank & Golds Gym), pali naka

Bandra(west) Mumbai – 400050.

SHOP TEL:022-26411985 / 26400094 • Mobile No 9820058705

OFFICE NO: 022-26405238 / 022-26425285

Email. :



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