Madhu Park

Madhu Park

madhu park

Beautifully designed, away from the bustle of the noisy roads, Madhu Park is a welcoming public space that encourages fun, fitness and relaxation.

Convenient to access, this park offers a meeting place for residents of all ages – joggers, families, strollers using its trails every day.

The park is a lovely place to just sit and take in the view – the lush green surroundings, the children’s play area, the sparkling fountain and the gentle paved walking trails.

A safe and clean environment for all the visitors, Madhu Park has become a popular park for family and community gatherings, thus not only supporting individual well-being but also connecting communities.

A landmark by itself, this neighbourhood park is just perfect for a quiet afternoon and its green spaces offer an open invitation to relax and feel the serenity around.


Madhu Park,

Khar West,

Mumbai – 400 052