Magic Mindz Computer Programs

Magic Mindz Computer Programs

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Magic Mindz has expertise in graphics and animation, training nearly 5000 students for last 15 years, with courses especially designed for the age group of 6 to 16 yrs.

The Magic Mindz Right Brain Computer Program is aimed at enhancing the creativity, logic, memory and IQ by using the right brain in a fun and inspiring way that leads to making every student achieve success in understanding the concepts in computers and being able to practically use the various software to achieve their goals.

The students work cooperatively as a team to accomplish high self esteem and success, yet individually they move ahead and understand the concepts to successfully use computers in all aspects in their life.

Magic Mindz Courses

Introducing students to technology in a fun, meaningful, and age appropriate way, allows them to not only learn about sophisticated computer concepts – but really understand them.

The Magic Mindz graphics and animation modules have a unique concept wherein students learn the latest technologies that leads them to success in all walks of life.

These modules will give them the following benefits:

  • explore and develop ideas
  • learn planning before action
  • learn complexity easily
  • it is interactive so thoughts can be expressed through action
  • enhances their logical and mathematical skills
  • improves attention span
  • transforms creativity into reality

 Module 1: Power Kidz, Graphic Designing and Video Editing and Publishing

An exciting and innovative program to enhance students project designing skills using presentation software’s and digital art while working with modern drawing and painting techniques using artists’ tools to create limitless number of effects.This program makes the student confident at making projects for their school.

An artistic program wherein students learn to use various drawing and painting techniques to create unique artworks. The students learn the concepts of creating layouts for book covers and advertisements, they also learn to make cards, brochures and logos and explore the ways to modify them for the web or print, using various graphic design applications.

Students can create own video presentations, quickly and easily,edit videos, add background audio or a voice over, add transitions or effects to videos, and publish videos in a variety of formats which can be written on a CD or broadcasted on the web.

Module 2: Morphing, Gif Animation and Web Page Development

A very exciting program in which images are transformed into various shapes, one picture or movie gets transformed into another picture or movie while animating.For example the sun is transformed into a moon or a monkey transformed to a human being. It is a great technique used for special effects

A program that makes your beautiful sequences into gif animations making you understand the concept of frames. These small animations can be used on the web as well as used to create animated advertisements

Jump into the exciting world of web design!  This fun filled program teaches you how to create the most creative website using the latest techniques and programs

Module 3: Clay Animation

A creative and imaginative program in which the students make clay objects and figures and using a combination of drawing software alongwith digital cameras the students create stop motion animation

Module 4: 3D Animation and Direction

A high-quality animation program, complete with complex character animation – characters will lip-sync to dialogue tracks – the animations can be created and uploaded to YouTube The program gives the students a huge range of ways to edit and animate a growing library of characters, objects and elements. This allows kids to concentrate on storytelling and direction and not on technical aspects of the program

Module 5: Game Design

Students learn to create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art, and share these creations on the Web.Students learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively to create their favorite games

At end of the year, Magic Mindz organizes an award ceremony where the students receive a certificate along with a medal and a digital portfolio showcasing their talent, giving them a sense of achievement and success.


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