Maharashtra Mitra Mandal (MCubed) Library

Maharashtra Mitra Mandal (MCubed) Library


The Maharashtra Mitra Mandal (MCubed) Library was set up as a people’s initiative.

An appeal sent out to friends and family, was like an idea tossed into the community: it fired the imagination of people in the city, in the country and across continents, friends of books all. People contributed abundantly… money, furniture, computers, a projector and DVD player, and Books – Old, used and new.

It was overwhelming, especially because some of those who gave were not from this city or this country and would never personally benefit from this largesse.

Started uniquely for children, MCubed is now a full-fledged library for adults and children.

Set up as a library uniquely for children, it now has a large, completely separate section for grownups. With over 10,000 books and magazines in English, Hindi and Marathi, it is a book lover’s paradise.

Truly a Public Library – it welcomes members, regardless of circumstances and economic background. Everybody has equal access to the magic of books.

Membership options:

  • Annual Membership
  • Half Yearly Membership
  • Reading room membership
  • Gift a membership

Children from modest backgrounds become members free of charge. They have access to everything the library offers, from books to workshops.

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  • Art and craft workshops
  • Book club for different age groups
  • Film club – every month, a movie for children on the last Sunday at 11 am and for grownups on the second Sunday at 5 pm
  • Author – reader meets
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Marathi speaking course for adults
  • Magic with math – to demystify mathematics and take away the fear.

There are different ways in which you can support the library:

  • Volunteering time and/or talent
  • Sponsorship of an underprivileged child for a year: Rs.1200.
  • Donations in cash/cheque. (Cheques can be made out to “Maharashtra Mitra Mandal”)
  • Sponsor books the Library needs.


Maharashtra Mitra Mandal (MCubed) Library,

Princess Building,

Near Bandra Gymkhana,

D’Monte Park Road,

Bandra (West), Bombay 400050.

Phone: 022 26411497


Website : www.

Library Timings: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm on all days

Holidays: 26th January and 15th August