MAMAGOTO reviewed by @farudaru

MAMAGOTO reviewed by @farudaru

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MAMAGOTO, such a fun name don’t you think? And the fun & kitsch doesn’t just end there, the beautiful Japanese style paintings on the walls and a glass full of tigers all over add pizzaz to the place.

The seating is very comfortable and cozy, though the AC could do with a few degrees higher temperature. Their menu is very adorably decorated with cute doodles and is bursting with colour.

This is my new favourite place to slurp up a bowl of noodles and munch on dumplings “Nom Nom”. Their service is warm & friendly, but also a little sluggish & inconsistent. And all the delicious aromas wafting around the place make you even more hungry.

I’m a big fan of Khowsuey, but the one here is very average. Lemongrass whips up a mean Khowsuey. The Mamagoto Goreng is really good. Flavourful and delicious. Do order.


1) Tom Yum Soup

2) Street Chicken Satay

3) Prawns wrapped in Bacon

4) Teriyaki Meal in a Bowl

5) Mamagoto Goreng

6) Street Vendors Penang Curry Bowl

7) Pad Thai Noodles

I can’t review the desserts, because I’ve always been to full to eat any after my meal here. 😀

Happy Eating! 😀