Joe (for Joseph) is an iconic figure at Bazaar Road. Every morning he puts his chair outside his house and practises his music. Ask any fruitwala on Bazaar road, for the exact directions to his house in case you have trouble.
I reached and Joe after some deliberation where to sit we headed out to the first floor of the house. We had a nice chat, Joe played a original composition (check video) Joe also showed me some of his old pictures.
I would love to see him perform in a more professional setting . Check out the media mentions below. Also if you need some tuitions, reach out to Joe on 9820620199

Hailing from a musical family—his grandfather played the trumpet, his father the baritone, and all his nine siblings were proficient in one instrument each—Vessoaker learned the drums at 12 to play in his father’s band. By 18, he had picked up the clarinet and the trumpet, settling on the latter as his instrument of choice. It was while practicing the trumpet on his verandah at Bandra’s Bazaar Road that he caught someone’s attention; he was recommended to join the Catholic pop band, Len and His Rebels. There he spent upwards of a decade performing covers of classics by Abba, Blood Sweat & Tears, Boney M, Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder and Tina Turner. For a year in between, he travelled to Dubai in search of a better life.
– via The Times of India

It was at 19 that he picked up the trumpet upon seeing a friend play one at a concert. “I can play anything because I learnt to read and play music early-on by myself,” says Vessaoker who can hold a note for 55 seconds flat while improvising on it. He later played with bands like Len & His Rebels and The Street Players, rich for their brass line-up. They performed at weddings, gymkhana and club socials, Christmas and New year dances and prominent south Bombay hotels. In ’87, he formed Joe’s Swing Band, a moniker they played under till 2013 before it changed to Joseph and The Top Cats.
– via dna