Meet Samantha from Bandra doing the Happy Dance.

Meet Samantha from Bandra doing the Happy Dance.

I follow Samantha on Instagram, she recently tagged me on this video and I thought it was a great gesture from Samantha of thinking of doing something different with all the graffiti art. She has used dance and the hit song by Pharell Williams in this fun one minutes video. So I decided to ask her 5 questions.

1. How long have you been living in Bandra?

it’s just been about 4 years now…n m completely in love with this place!! 😄

2. What do you do for a living?

I am a student….pursuing a course….at the moment.

3. What do you in your leisure time?

Well hangout with friends.n.cousins…play a few instruments. a few nail art..or make random videos 😛….I love  being creative n finding ways to bring the best out in me.

4. Tell us your Favorite food place in Bandra?

well…I do really like Zafraan..n 5Spice..the ambiance n food is amazing. …..but..say if we are a lot in no. Like if I go with my friends….I guess Stomach. …or Joseph’s kitchen hav some delicious variety at student’s pocket friendly prices.

5. Tell us about your fondest Bandra memory?

I think Christmas in Bandra…..has always been the most  sort after memory I’d cherish..!!.. every street. ..n every house is soo well litup….. I love the colours n lights n stars n cribs n beautiful handmade creations..on d streets…n the sweets are to die for… decadent n delicious…. !!! Thers so much of wamth n happiness in d atmosphere itself…Tat I’m completely in love with!! 😄😊