Meet Vanshika - A Talented Glass Painter.

Meet Vanshika - A Talented Glass Painter.

About her love of Bandra

Vanshika is a talented artist from Bandra. She is a dancer and a glass painter. She loves street shopping on hill road like a typical teenager. Her favourite place to hang out is Carter’ promenade.

About Painting Glass

Painting on Glass makes her feel at peace. It acts as a diversion during stress and helps harness her creative energies.

She quotes from Leonardo da Vinci “Learning never exhausts the mind “. Her mission is to convert others into glass painters. She says creativity is contagious.

Dancer’s Pride, Micheal Jackson

Glass Painting Classes

You can learn how to glass paint from Vanshika. Just give her a call on 9029880843. You could even give your old crockery a new look by painting new designs on them.

Love Story of the Sun and the Moon

Glass Paintings as Gifts

She says these paintings are personalised and make excellent gifting options. You can buy one of her painted pieces (which would be gift wrapped).Glass paintings are perfect for your walls. As per Fengshui “A few strokes of colour brightens up the house and brings in positive energies. ”


If you want to know more about Glass Paintings you can call her on 9029880843.

Love for Abstract