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Memore Store

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When you walk through the door at MEMORE, it can get a little overwhelming with all that colour. First timers need the space to take in the colour, the concept, the slight rebellion. So, it comes as no shocker when sudden comparisons begin to emerge pitting us against the brightest place (store or state) you have ever visited.

memore 2In this age of expression where YOU are defined by the way you think, a Bohemian lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. Being true to your inner most being and reflecting that in your clothes is today’s reality. At MEMORE we practise that philosophy as that’s who we are.

We style/Design all the clothes we house. Artefacts are mostly collected over our travels across the country and “dubbed” into what we see in kid’s toy train could mean a lamp to us, olden day spice box is also a accessory box. We also promote local talent only when it matches our calling.

WE ARE FULLY STOCKED – Fresh colors in Sufiyaana,  Bumble bee, Pocket Demure, Maxi’s,Jumpsuits.  New Wrhapsody Jacket Tops(for summer) and lots of NEW DESIGNS in funky pants & skirts, colorful cotton dresses, reversible/fun skirts, funky tunics, experimental and then not some bottoms, dhoti jump suits, stoles, bags(leather/cotton/felt), accessories(tic-tacs/rubber-bands/neck beads), cotton/zardozi/zari cushion covers, paper/mosaic glass lamps, quaint wood/brass and other affordable vintage artefacts.

We are FUSION, we are COLORFUL, we are BOHO, we are COTTON and we are intoxicating HAPPY. But mostly we love seeing your face light up when you discover something unusually pleasing while at MEMORE.

MEMORE is the bohemian spirit incarnate in fusion clothes. We are huggers & wooters, boho & cotton, experimental & 100% Indian. In a nutshell we are quirky while being pocket friendly….

If you are shopping for a funky dose of clothes and accessories, the must-haves are at Memore.



Villa Queenie Building,

Opp. Hawaiian Shack,

Near Mini Punjab,

16th Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Ph: 022 – 26059851


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