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[box]By Deepa Thomas[/box]

Yesterday I caught up with a friend at Pizza Metro Pizza, a newish pizza parlour which had opened on the same spot as the old popular watering hole – Club IX. Club IX was the default Friday hangout for my friends and colleagues in the 90s/ early 2000s and going there brought back a wave of nostalgia. And in tribute, there is a Club IX pizza on the menu of the restaurant – a nice touch.

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Cheerful, open space seating, friendly staff who were well trained enough to make recommendations and a giant pizza oven in the open kitchen takes centre stage. I ordered a Kiwi ice tea and the Pecorina pizza. It had goat cheese, red onion, mozzarella, basil and grana podana. I had the 12 inch size, thought they also have 1 and 3 metre longs if you are sharing. The pizza was delicious but I did find the crusts too thick. They have a chilli olive oil which I unfortunately forgot to try but looked yummy.

I enjoyed the evening. And would definitely go back to try another one of their pizzas. The Pecorina was a recco by the restaurant staff. And I had my eye on a couple of others especially with my favorite mushroom ingredients. Do you like pizza, in which case do check Pizza Metro Pizza out.